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Faster and Better Image Distribution with Registry 2.0 and Engine 1.6

Ben Firshman

There has been incredible growth in the usage of Docker Hub: we have now served over 300 million pulls to developers around the world, and will soon be serving 100 million per month. The current generation of the Registry has done a good job so far, but we know we need a better foundation to support this growth and keep your image pulls running fast and reliably.

We’re pleased to announce a huge update to how images are distributed, which will make pulling images dramatically faster and more reliable. It’s the foundation that will support image distribution in years to come. 

Docker Engine 1.6, the Docker Hub and the self-hosted Registry now support a new API which has been completely redesigned with this type of performance and scale in mind. It features:

  • Faster image pulls: Downloading images with lots of layers is now faster.
  • New immutable image references: Images are now content addressable, so you can specify exactly what image content you want to pull and run by using a SHA digest: `docker pull myimage@sha256:0ecb2ad60` 

The Docker Hub is running this new API today, so download Docker Engine 1.6 and try it out. If you want to learn more about this API, head over to the documentation.


Registry 2.0

We’re also pleased to announce Registry 2.0, which has been completely rewritten in Go around our new distribution APIs. The Docker Registry is a central server for pushing and pulling images. It’s an open source, standalone version of the core technology of the Docker Hub, useful as a place to share images with your team or for distributing images to testing and production environments. 

Here is some of the cool new stuff in this version:

  • Webhook notifications: You can now configure the Registry to send Webhooks when images are pushed. Spin off a CI build, send a notification to IRC – whatever you want!
  • Native TLS support: It’s now really easy to set up your Registry so the Docker Engine can communicate with it securely.

Head over to the the Registry documentation for installation instructions and how to use it.

We are really excited about the possibilities with the newly architected Registry and Engine and are curious and interested to see where you (the community) will take it.  The new Registry and APIs open up new possibilities for images in Docker – such as image signing, new ways of distributing images, and much more. If you’d like to give us some input, get involved in designs, or even write some code, head over to the GitHub repository for Registry.

Learn More about Docker Registry 2.0

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