Updates Available to Popular Repos – Update Your Images

At Docker, we’re working with our open source community to build a rich ecosystem of containerized images.  In the past year alone, Docker users and partners have created 100,000+ images and pulled 200+ million images from Docker Hub.  We’re proud of our progress to-date, and committed to the developers who rely on Docker images for critical workflows—whether they’re Official Repos released by Docker ourselves, or images created by the community.


Before Official Repos, it was members of the community like @Pilwon who got the public repositories going with content for their fellow users. We would like to thank @Pilwon for being an awesome and early creator of community images, which he posted in an account called ‘dockerfile’. Many of these images are very popular within the Docker community and this is a great example of our community stepping up to help others. The popularity of the ‘dockerfile’ repos have exceeded what @Pilwon had originally expected—so we came up with a plan together to make sure users get to keep using the latest and greatest images.

There are 34 dockerfile repos today and if you are a user of a ‘dockerfile’ repo, please check the list below to see the comparable image (Official Repo or community repo) that you can use instead. Also, starting on April 3rd, we will be gradually replacing the dockerfile repo images with their corresponding alternatives listed below.

The Docker Project thrives because of the contributions of our vibrant and active open-source community. We understand that this transition may cause some issues for deployed applications, and apologize for the inconvenience—users with questions can always contact the Docker team.

If you are currently using these repos Please update your images today from these Official Repos
/dockerfile/elasticsearch/ registry.hub.docker.com/_/elasticsearch/
/dockerfile/rethinkdb/ registry.hub.docker.com/u/library/rethinkdb/
/dockerfile/java/ registry.hub.docker.com/_/java/
/dockerfile/rabbitmq/ registry.hub.docker.com/u/library/rabbitmq/
/dockerfile/mysql/ registry.hub.docker.com/_/mysql/
/dockerfile/go/ registry.hub.docker.com/u/library/golang/
/dockerfile/mariadb/ registry.hub.docker.com/_/mariadb/
/dockerfile/nginx/ registry.hub.docker.com/_/nginx/
/dockerfile/python/ registry.hub.docker.com/_/python/
/dockerfile/mongodb/ registry.hub.docker.com/_/mongo/
/dockerfile/ruby/ registry.hub.docker.com/_/ruby/
/dockerfile/redis/ registry.hub.docker.com/_/redis/
/dockerfile/ubuntu/ registry.hub.docker.com/_/ubuntu/
/dockerfile/haproxy/ registry.hub.docker.com/_/haproxy/
/dockerfile/nodejs/ registry.hub.docker.com/_/node/
/dockerfile/python-runtime/ registry.hub.docker.com/_/python/
/dockerfile/go-runtime/ registry.hub.docker.com/u/library/golang/
/dockerfile/ruby-runtime/ registry.hub.docker.com/_/ruby/
/dockerfile/nodejs-runtime/ registry.hub.docker.com/_/node/
If you are currently using these repos Update to these popular alternative repos
/dockerfile/dart-runtime/ registry.hub.docker.com/u/google/dart-runtime/
/dockerfile/nsq/ registry.hub.docker.com/u/nsqio/nsq/
/dockerfile/dart/ registry.hub.docker.com/u/google/dart/
/dockerfile/chrome/ registry.hub.docker.com/u/jess/chrome/
/dockerfile/ghost/ registry.hub.docker.com/u/library/ghost/
/dockerfile/percona/ registry.hub.docker.com/_/percona/
/dockerfile/julia/ registry.hub.docker.com/_/julia/
/dockerfile/celery/ registry.hub.docker.com/u/library/celery/
/dockerfile/ansible/ registry.hub.docker.com/u/ansible/ubuntu14.04-ansible/
No alternative exist yet for these repos, please contact us directly if you are using these repos and need assistance.


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10 thoughts on “Updates Available to Popular Repos – Update Your Images

  1. You link back to https://registry.hub.docker.com/u/dockerfile/percona/ and https://registry.hub.docker.com/u/dockerfile/percona/ as alternatives to “dockerfile/percona” and “dockerfile/julia”, but those links should be https://registry.hub.docker.com/_/percona/ and https://registry.hub.docker.com/_/julia/

    That being said, the official-images “julia” image still doesn’t have any docs…

    • Updated. Thanks a lot for the heads up.

      • BTW, it also looks like “celery”, “ghost”, “julia”, and “percona” should be in the “Please update your images today from these Official Repos” section. The remaining places where “/u/library/” appears in the URLs in that list should then be changed to “/_/”.

  2. Why do people use ubuntu/debian as the base images especially for Official Images?! There is a perfect 5MB Alpine Linux image!
    Python Official Image is HUGE (I’m not aware of other images though) – 750 MB! I’ve built my Python image from Alpine and it is only 46MB!

    • Awesome! I didn’t now about alpine linux. Will try it for my next python project.

      • Check out frolvlad/alpine-python2 (43MB) or frolvlad/alpine-python3 (42MB). I have three projects based on those and will probably reuse them in all new projects, so I will support them (i.e. I have pull-requested to Alpine to fix several issues with python3 package and now it works like a charm).

    • The Python slim builds are much smaller – 3.4 is 212MB.

  3. I used dockerfile/ubuntu for the base of my own dev containers, because of the included build-essential packages. The official ubuntu image gets used for my interface containers which don’t need an dev environment.

    The build essentials are missing in the default ubuntu image. So this is not really an equivalent replacement…

    So now I need to build my own dev ubuntu base image? No problem with that, but it was nice to have a common base for all my dev images, that is also used by others.

  4. I use Oracle variants of dockerfile/java but cannot find it in the new repository we are supposed to use. I would be glad to follow the migration process but as using OpenJDK is not an option, I do have any choice but to fork @Pilwon repository.

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