John Willis

Docker Tutorial 1 – Installing Docker

John Willis

This is a casual tutorial series.  We will start out first with very simple sessions on how to install Docker and use the docker run command. In future videos we will hit more advanced topics.

This first video talks a little bit about releases in Docker and the current release cadence.  We also show examples of installing from default repo’s  on Ubuntu, Centos and Fedora as well as installs from and installing from the Docker binary.


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2 thoughts on “Docker Tutorial 1 – Installing Docker

  1. Melly Spatola

    This is awesome!! I’ve been wanting to learn more about Docker, these tutorials are great! I’m excited about the Max OS X installation example and will be trying it out on my Mac at home. You rock John!!!! Thank you!

  2. Thank you for this tutorial. I am just getting interested in Docker trying to work on a Python/Dhango project and Docker seems to be the best way to have things installed for the end user.

    I hope you do well with more in the tutorial series. Keep up the good work.

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