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I am incredibly excited to be spending my first week here at Docker!  The shift from a big, more established company back to the start-up world was a key element in my job exploration. For those of you who are also looking to be a part of the great things that are happening in tech, I want to share what drew me specifically to this thrilling opportunity at Docker:

  • Right concept:  The technology solves a huge problem for developers––it simplifies the development process and puts it on a continuum with deployment.  That leads to a new generation of applications that can be rapidly developed and incorporated into new services.
  • Open source:  This is the way to develop code today––you have an entire community of passionate users contributing. I am working on my first contribution too. Stay tuned!
  • Small but poised for growth: I can’t wait to have my hands in the details again and help with scale.
  • Ecosystem /Partners:  This became a passion of mine while at VMware. This is critical for any transformational software solution; Docker clearly falls under this category.  Good software is one thing, but for it to have enduring value, it has to have a vast and vibrant technology partner ecosystem collaborating and building upon it.
  • Important Intangibles:  On top of everything else, all the intangibles at Docker were right too!  It is a nice group of talented and humble people. The focus is on driving big changes and making the world better. The technology challenges are compelling. The pace is fast. Even the logo is right.

From what I can tell after two full days here, my choice was truly the right one!  I’m looking forward to becoming part of the Docker family and collaborating with the open source community and partners. As for my immediate plans, I am focusing on coming up to speed as fast as I can, and while I do not know the entire plan, I am certain of a few things: we will continue to build outstanding software users love, we’ll grow an already great team and culture, and we will have plenty of fun!


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Marianna Tessel

Dockerized by Marianna Tessel SVP Engineering

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