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Your Docker Schedule at the OpenStack Summit in Paris


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Next week starts the OpenStack Summit at the Palais des congrès in Paris, France. If you are attending the conference, come talk to us and learn more about Docker at the Intel booth A2. Our very own Eric Windisch will be there on Wednesday morning to lead an expert session and answer all the questions you might have. A big thanks and shout out to Intel for hosting a Docker demo station at their booth.


Here is the list of Docker-related talks, demos, discussions that we think you’ll find interesting:

Monday, November 3rd


12:30 – 13:10 – Marketplace Theater

Digging Deep: OpenStack Neutron and NSX with KVM, Docker, vSphere, Hyper-V, Xen and Bare-Metal Hosts

Speakers: Somik Behera (VMware) and Eric Lopez (VMware)

This session is a technical deep dive on the OpenStack Neutron’s Network Virtualization capabilities with default NSX Plugin and demonstrates an OpenStack Cloud with KVM, Xen, vSphere, Hyper-V, Docker, & Bare-metal compute platforms communicating over a single virtual Network.The good, the bad & the ugly from a field deployment practitioners perspective. We will  also cover one of Neutron’s Network Virtualization plugin’s detailed overview and deep dive into real life benefits & challenges. We will be covering NSX Plugin – a virtual networking platform powering many OpenStack production environments as the networking engine behind Neutron. In this session we will explore the distributed systems architecture of the NSX Controller Cluster, the core functionality and behavior of NSX primary system components, and the logical networking devices and security tools NSX produces for consumption. High availability deployments, and packet flows for common scenarios will be discussed.And finally, we’ll take a look at how the physical network fabric can be architected for Virtualized Network deployment architectures, be it with out without NSX.


19:00 – 21:00 – Le Méridien Etoile

The New Stack WarmUp at OpenStack

The role of Docker, orchestration and container ecosystems in the OpenStack ecosystem. We’ll have discussions, do interviews and trade stories about this new movement. Come meet The New Stack Founder Alex Williams and enjoy some food, drink and conversation at Le Méridien Etoile during the OpenStack Summit.


Tuesday, November 4th


11:15 – 11:55 – Room 242AB

Building the Cloud Ecosystem OpenStack, Docker, Kubernetes

Speakers: Shane Gibson (Symantec, Corp), Chinmay Naik (Symantec, Corp)

Abstract:  Openstack has slowly and steadily grown into a main stream IaaS cloud solution provider technology. At Symantec, we have primarily used Openstack to virtualize our datacenters and help drive infrastructure automation to ensure maximum use of our compute, network and storage capabilities. But many of our enterprise use-cases demand more than just virtualized environments. There is a need for certain applications to run on linux container like environments and make use of some of the advantages provided by these platforms.In this presentation we will talk about how Openstack can be used along with other open source cloud technologies to build an ecosystem to solve all use cases and problems faced by today s enterprise world. We will try to present a performance based evaluation of the three most popular technologies out there Openstack, Docker and Google s Kubernetes and propose a solution that may help you achieve infrastructure automation in its complete sense.The following topics will be covered in this presentation:

  • Categorize enterprise use cases that can be solved using Openstack, Docker or Kubernetes.
  • Performance analysis and benchmarking
  • How can Openstack be used as the central scheduling and orchestration engine to integrate with other open-source cloud technologies?
  • Can the ecosystem eventually be scalable, reliable, secure and truly multi-tenant?


12:05 – 12:45 – Room 253

The New New Thing: Turning Docker Tech into a Full Speed Hypervisor

Speakers: Tycho Andersen (Canonical) and Dustin Kirkland (Canonical)

Abstract:  From PAAS to IAAS, this is the container session that will most accelerate your plans for 2015. Linux containers are all the rage these days, with LXC, Docker and Parallels moving to the centre of large-scale operational thinking. Ubuntu and Canonical have lead this revolution, with Canonical-led LXC at the centre of standardisation of different approaches to containerisation. In this talk, we’ll look at how the Docker phenomenon will generalise into a full-scale, full-speed hypervisor for your scale-out infrastructure.


14:50 – 15:30 – Salle Passy

A Practical Approach to Dockerizing OpenStack High Availability

Speakers: Kalonji Bankole and Daniel Krook (IBM)

Abstract:  High availability in OpenStack can be achieved in many ways.  In this session we will describe how Docker can be used to provide an active-active highly available OpenStack environment. We will focus the real world work that we have done to “Dockerize” OpenStack services, detail the advantages to this type of deployment (rapid deployment, rapid scale out, versioning, etc.), and walk through our design – from requirements, limitations, obstacles, and especially our decisions.

We will use our experiences as examples to provide real world best practices, as well as showing a demonstration of the environment in action.


15:40 – 16:20 – Room 242AB

Docker Meets Swift: A Broadcaster’s Experience

Speakers: Alberto Messina and Eran Rom

Abstract:  RAI (Radiotelevisione Italiana), Italy’s national public broadcasting company, has to deal with the growing cost for new storage hungry media formats (e.g., 4K UHDTV), while also enabling its employees to collaborate and manage content across geographically separated sites throughout the media production cycle. To address these needs, we have integrated Docker with Swift via a generic mechanism we call “storlets”. Integrating Docker with Swift keeps the storage cost low as well as co-locating compute to avoid costly network transfer for a wide range of media workflows. In this talk we will present the problem RAI is solving including its requirements, present the storlet mechanism, demonstrate how storlets can be used for media workflows and other scenarios, and place our work in the context of other efforts.


16:40 – 17:20 – Room 242AB

Orchestrating Docker with OpenStack

Speakers: Eric Windisch

Abstract: The Nova driver for Docker has been maturing rapidly since its mainline removal in Icehouse. During the Juno cycle, substantial improvements have been made to the driver, and greater parity has been reached with other  virtualization drivers. We will explore these improvements and what they mean to deployers. Eric will additionally showcase deployment scenarios for the deployment of OpenStack itself inside and underneath of Docker for powering traditional VM-based computing, storage, and other cloud services. Finally, users should expect a preview of the planned integration with the new OpenStack Containers Service effort to provide automation of advanced containers functionality and Docker-API semantics inside of an OpenStack cloud.

Dockerize early and often,

– The Docker Team

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Victor Coisne

Your Docker Schedule at the OpenStack Summit in Paris

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