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Your Docker agenda for LinuxCon / CloudOpen Europe in Düsseldorf


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This week, the LinuxCon Europe / CloudOpen Europe conference is taking place in Düsseldorf, Germany. Unfortunately, there won’t be any members of the Docker Team attending but we’re confident you’ll meet awesome Docker contributors and active members of the Docker Community. In addition to informal interactions, here’s a list of where and when to see Docker-related discussions and demos:


Tuesday, October 14th:

12:15pm – Room 19

Multi-OS Continuous Packaging with Docker and by Bruno Cornec, HP

Bruno will explain how to build a new container, setting it up for this usage, then preparing the delivery of the project content in order to finally build packages in it for the hosted distribution and publishing them for immediate consumption as part of the package management system.


2:30pm – Room 19

The future of PaaS with Docker by Marek Jelen, Red Hat

In his talk, Mark Jelen will offer a peek into the future of OpenShift and how we are integrating Docker as the base of the PaaS. In the presentation he will talk about Geard, Systemd and other Linux stuff and how it is all being integrated into a simple to use and powerful system.


3:30pm – Room 19

Building a DevOps PaaS with Docker, CoreOS, and Apache Stratos by Lakmal Warusawithana, WSO2 Inc

In this session Lakmal will dig deep into Apache Stratos. This will include installation and deploying sample applications using docker and CoreOS, showing how it can be extended to support new application containers. The session will include a demonstration of app deployment, provisioning, auto-scaling and more.


4:30pm – Room 19

Continuous Integration using Docker & Jenkins by Mattias Gieve, B1 Systems GmbH

This talk describes two scenarios where automatic integration testing with Docker increases the productivity of admins and developers. The first one describes how an admin may perform integration testing of Puppet modules, a second one implements integration testing of a web app consisting of a Web and database server.


Wednesday, October 15th:

11:15am – Room 19

Clocker – Migrating Complex Applications to Docker with Apache BrooklynAndrew Kennedy, Cloudsoft

Andrew will show how Clocker uses Apache Brooklyn’s cloud abstractions to simplify the deployment and management of a complex application to a virtual Docker infrastructure. Brooklyn will create and maintain the required Docker containers in the right locations for your application, and control and manage the software and services using policies to scale both the application and infrastructure based on their state.


11:15am – Room 19

Using Docker Containers as Your Admin ToolboxKaranbir Singh, CentOS

Most admins have a set of go-to tools to help do their job, but the toolbox metaphor falls down when it comes to carting the tools to a new system. In this talk, Karanbir will show how to use Docker to carry the tools you need to do your job and then leave the target system in a pristine state.


We think you’ll find these talks interesting, and hopefully they’ll answer some of your questions about the Docker platform and containerization. If you have any questions, please join the #docker IRC channel.

Dockerize early and often,

– The Docker Team

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Victor Coisne

Your Docker agenda for LinuxCon / CloudOpen Europe in Düsseldorf

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