Extending DockerCon Europe CFP for a week


The CFP for DockerCon Europe 2014 closed a couple of days ago. Since Wednesday, we have received a massive amount of emails from speakers, requesting that we make an exception so that they can submit their talk. In response to this request, we are happy to announce that we have reopened the CFP for one week. You now have until Oct 12th, 12:12am PST to submit your talk. This will be a hard deadline since we need adequate time to review the papers and select the best.

Tip of the day: The community has asked to see more use cases from actual users. If you are using Docker and want to talk about it, explain how it helped your team and company, what was the result of using Docker, please submit your talk here.

Note: DockerCon Europe is sold out, but we have reserved enough places for the speakers who are selected.

Please ping us on Twitter or email us if you have any questions.

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