Announcing Docker Global Hack Day #2

DockerCon Europe is sold out! But wait…

Here, at Docker HQ, since the announcement of DockerCon Europe 2014, we have been sprinting to keep up with the overwhelming response and today, we must inform you that the conference is sold out. Tickets went faster than expected so we want to give you one last opportunity to attend.

Today, we are super excited to announce Docker Global Hack Day #2 on October 30th! The prize will be full conference passes including roundtrip airfare for all members of the winning team. Last year, the event was a big success, and we expect this year to be even more awesome with more cities and more hackers around the world involved!

The San Francisco edition will kickoff with talks by Solomon Hykes, Founder and CTO of Docker with the core team, who will demonstrate the power and new features of Docker 1.3 and how they facilitate the creation of distributed applications.  The agenda will include a number of Docker customers who are building their next generation of applications based upon our open platform. The talks and demo will be live-streamed and recorded, so that every Docker meetup group and Docker hacker participating will be able to learn about those new features and announcements.

This year we have 30 cities committed to participate in this global event.

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Most of those cities will be announced very shortly, but you can already register to:

Stay tuned for more cities to join the Global Hack Day, but in any case, everybody is welcome to join this special Docker day, from home or from a Docker Meetup near you.

If you do not find a Docker Meetup Group near you, you can participate by registering to the online edition.


The exact assignment for this Global Hack Day will be revealed on the D-Day, and every team (from 1 to 3 hackers) will be able to submit a short presentation (video) and repo (GitHub or BitBucket link) of their hack until Monday November 3rd – 9am PST.


You will be able to submit through this form until Monday November 3rd – 9am PST, with:

  • Title
  • Short abstract
  • Names of the team members (up to 3 members per team)
  • Twitter handles of the team members (Optional)
  • emails of the team members (up to 3 members per team)
  • Youtube url (2-minute video)
  • GitHub or BitBucket url of the project

The docker community will then vote on the best hack in two different ways.

Local Docker Meetup Winner

Every city will vote on the local winner based on these judging criteria:

  1. Only applications that actually run will be judged.
  2. Each project will be given 0-4 points in each of the following areas:
    1. Novelty. Has anyone ever done this using Docker before?
    2. Fit. Does Docker improve the project or fundamentally enable it?
    3. Efficiency. Is this implementation small in size, easy to transport, quick to start up and run? Higher scores for more functionality in smaller images and faster start times.
    4. Integration. Does the project fit well into other systems, or is it sufficiently complex itself to be its own system? More (useful) interconnection gets more points.
    5. Transparency. Can other people easily recreate your project now that you’ve shown how?
    6. Presentation: How well did you present your project? Did you speak clearly, cover all the important points, and generally impress people?
    7. Possible tie-breaker: Utility. Popular vote on how many would use each of the tied projects. So keep your audience in mind!

All projects will be featured on a dedicated page where the entire community will vote for the Global winner.

Winning prize for local winners is an edition-limited Docker Merit Badge!

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 8.58.46 AM

Global winner

We will build a page with all projects and videos, for the community to vote for the global winner. Voting will be done through social networks. Note that Local Docker Meetup winners will be featured on this page.

The Global winning team will be invited to attend DockerCon Europe (DockerCon EU tickets + plane tickets for the whole team).

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 9.02.24 AM


Stay connected with the Docker hackers from all around the World

During the day the Docker team and the Docker community will be on IRC helping you hack your project or answering questions about Docker. The official back channel for this event on IRC is #docker.

The official hash tag for the event on Twitter is #dockerhackday. Everybody will tweet using this hashtag. You can also follow us on Twitter to receive news real-time during the day.


This is going to be a lot of fun! See you at the end of October!

If you have any question about the Docker Global Hack Day #2, please email us or ping us on Twitter.


Big thanks and shout our to our sponsors for offering all participants the opportunity to hack on their respective cloud.

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– The Docker Team

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