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Docker launches public training courses

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Together with the Docker 1.0 release at DockerCon we also announced the launch of commercial services to support Docker. One of these services is education and we’re thrilled to announce the first dates for public Docker training. We’re running training in San Francisco and New York initially.

The course is called Introduction to Docker and is a two-day classroom-based training course. It will introduce you to the Docker platform and take you through installing, integrating, and running it in your development and operations environments.

We’ll explain why Docker exists and why you should care about it. We’ll then take you through a variety of hands-on exercises designed to help you quickly grow from a beginner into a seasoned user including:

  • Installing the Docker Engine
  • Creating our first Docker container
  • Building Docker images
  • Storing and retrieving Docker images from Docker Hub
  • Building containers from images
  • Using Docker for sandboxing and testing
  • Deploying applications with Docker

By the end of the course you will be familiar with the “why” of Docker. You will also be able to perform the basic tasks needed to get started with Docker and integrate it into your working environment.

Our first training dates are September 17 (San Francisco), October 6 (New York City), and October 20 (San Francisco) at a cost of $1,599 per person.

Sign up fast to avoid missing out!

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