Scott Johnston

Happy SysAdmin Day!

Scott Johnston

The last Friday in July is the day the world celebrates sysadmins and all that they do.  And as more and more apps dominate our personal and professional waking hours and with the non-stop growth in the number of servers – physical, virtual, and cloud – the role is only growing in importance.

Sysadmins have a special role in the history of Docker: back-in-the-day, Solomon was a sysadmin, and it was his frustration with trying to manage and maintain golden tarballs that triggered his thinking, “There’s gotta be a better way….”

Several years and an iteration or two later, Docker was born. The clean separation of concerns that Docker provides between the developer – responsible for the app inside of the container – and the sysadmin – responsible for the “outside,” or deploying, scaling, and managing the container – have made it popular with both professions. As one of the many great examples out there, check-out how the sysadmins at New Relic created standardized environments for their development teams.

On this 15th annual celebration of SysAdmin Day, our small gift to the sysadmins out there is to highlight a couple Docker Hub repos that might help make their day-to-day a little easier:

A big THANK-YOU to all sysadmins!
– The Docker Team

SysAdmin Day Lunch Celebration

Join Sys Admins from both the Docker and Rackspace teams for a lunch and an informal Q&A session at Geekdom SF.

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