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Introducing Docker Online Meetup Group

Victor Coisne


 Today, we’re excited to introduce the Docker Online Meetup Group. This user group has been created for both Docker newbies and more advanced users who want to learn more about Docker and ask questions to more experienced Docker team or community members.

While we recommend that you join one (or more) Docker Meetup Group, we know that there might not be one in your area and that It’s not always convenient to attend face-to-face meetups. We want to give everyone a chance to get involved and the opportunity to ask questions no matter where you’re located.

We plan on having general introduction to Docker for those who are just getting started with Docker and more specific sessions for those who are interested in a given use case such as: Continuous Integration / Deployment, Service Discovery, Configuration Management, etc. We will also schedule tailor-made sessions for Developers, Ops and Sysadmins to maximize the relevance of each session for the attendees.

We will be using Google Hangout to broadcast our Online Session and Google Moderator to catch questions and the have the participants up/down vote based on interest.

So if you’re interested in more Docker fun, please join the Docker Online Meetup Group and stay tuned for the next Online sessions!

Feel free to send your ideas and topics you want us to cover to

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  1. Jonathan Nutter

    Want to see if docker is right for our use case

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