DockerCon 2014


Registration and call for papers are now open for DockerCon 2014!

DockerCon is a two-day Docker-centric conference organized by the team at Docker Inc. We’ll have speakers talking about Docker, DevOps, operations and development. Our talks will include topics that will interest Developers, SysAdmins as well as C-level executives.

The conference will start with general session with keynotes in the mornings, untill 11:00am, followed by three different tracks:

  • Docker University
  • Docker for Developers
  • Docker for Ops & Sysadmins

Docker University will be the place to learn about using Docker, building Docker images as well as learning about the Docker API.

In the Docker for Developers track, you will learn about Docker best practices, CI/CD, orchestration, Registry, Docker-core, real-life use cases and more.

The Docker for Ops & Sysadmins track will introduce you to Docker performance, metrics, security, scaling and orchestration.

DockerCon is also the occasion to meet with the Docker eco-system: contributors, developers, devops, ops, hackers, partners, and also the Docker team including Solomon Hykes (Founder) and Ben Golub (CEO).

We are also organizing a Docker Hackathon during the week-end prior to DockerCon. Winners will be able to present their project during the conference. Register here if you would like to participate.

We invite you to follow the official twitter account: @DockerCon, in order to get the latest updates.

Happy Hacking!

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