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Docker workshop #2 @Twitter

The second Docker Workshop in San Francisco was hosted by Twitter on November 5th. About 100 participants joined the workshop to get their hands on Docker. The audience was split up into 2 groups based on level and interest so that we could address different topics. While the beginners were given an introduction to Docker, CLI and dockerfile basics, the more advanced people learned how to Dockerize an application and how to use their own private registry.  



Thatcher Penskens: Introduction to Docker



Julien barbier:  Dockerfile basics



Daniel Mizyrycki: Dockerizing your application (e.g Firefox)


Victor Vieux:  How to use your own private registry




Michael Crosby: Docker links


Brian Morearty: 15 Docker tips in 5 minutes


[speakerdeck url=”” width=”600″] 

Rohan Singh: Docker at Spotify



Scott Bessler and John Fiedler: Chef versus Docker at RelateIQ

Aish Fenton and Pablo Delgado: Docker + ApacheMesos at OpenTable





You can watch all the photos from the event on flickr.

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Victor Coisne

Docker workshop #2 @Twitter

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