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Thank You SysAdmins!

With SysAdmin Day coming up on Friday, July 31st, now is a great time to thank our SysAdmins for everything they do! Without them, who knows what we would do when a server is down.



Intro to Docker Webinar: Q&A

moby_artMany great questions popped up in this week’s Introduction to Docker webinar where we covered the basics of the Docker technology, discussed the Continuous Integration (CI) use case and a product demo of Docker Trusted Registry and Docker Engine. Instead of keeping the Q&A for the webinar attendees only, we wanted to share in a blog post as anyone new to Docker may have similar questions.

So what is Docker? Docker is the open platform to build, ship and run applications. The Docker Project is one of the fastest growing open source projects and Docker, Inc. is the is the primary sponsor of project and delivers supported commercial solutions for developers and sysadmins of distributed applications.

We have more great webinar topics lined up! To attend future webinars, register here.


New Apt and Yum Repos

written by Jessie Frazelle, Core Maintainer at Docker, Inc.


  1. UPDATE your Docker apt repo source list if you want to be able to get the latest Docker
  2. We have a yum repo FINALLY for rpms

Today, we are super excited to announce that we have created and deployed new apt and yum repos for installing docker. No longer will you apt-get install lxc-docker, a super confusing name considering we no longer use lxc as the default backend for docker out of the box. Let’s take a deep dive into the awesomeness that is the new repos.


Open Container Format Progress Report

Follow Up from Open Container Initiative (formerly Project) Announcement of 6/22

written by Michael Crosby, Chief Maintainer of Docker, Inc.

Approximately one month ago, we announced the creation of the Open Container Initiative*, under the auspices of the Linux Foundation for the express purpose of defining common specifications around container format and runtime.  Docker donated both our base container format and runtime, runC, and we began working with maintainers of AppC to create a common set of specifications. I’m happy to share that there has been a lot of progress in the past month.

After the first few weeks of work for the OCF specification and runC most of the unanswered questions have either been solved or progress is being made on the GitHub repositories.  We are sprinting to get the first draft out to the community by the end of July. The current maintainers and contributors of the project, from Altiscale, CoreOS, Docker, Google, Huawei, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Rancher Labs andRed Hat met at the Docker Contributor’s Summit right after DockerCon 2015 to discuss immediate plans of action for getting the draft of the spec out in time.

Open Container Project Working Session at Docker Contributor’s Summit

Much of the work and collaboration on the specification is happening on github in the Open Container Specifications repository; we invite everyone to follow our collective efforts!  Issues and Pull Requests are submitted for changes and all discussion happens on this repository regarding the specification.  When updates to the specification are requested,  they usually come in as a Pull Request (PR)  and discussions happen with the community and other maintainers on that PR. You can view things like the ability to have lifecycle hooks for the container here:


Open Governance and Collaboration in the Ecosystem is #Trending

golubbeDocker is a Founding Member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF)

written by Ben Golub, CEO of Docker, Inc.

The past four weeks has been unparalleled in terms of open, collaborative activity among the ecosystem around container-based technologies. It started with Docker’s efforts in driving the Open Container Initiative (OCI); which was formerly known as the Open Container Project) in concert with Microsoft, Red Hat, Google, and nearly 20 other companies to deliver an open, universal container image format and runtime under the auspices of the Linux Foundation. The response to the OCI has been incredibly positive, and the OCI has already been making huge strides in code creation, spec creation, governance, and membership; please stay tuned for pending updates!


Announcing Docker Global Hack Day #3

The next Docker Global Hack Day will run from Wednesday, September 16th through Monday, September 21st!

Docker Global Hack Day #1 and #2 were a big success thanks to you, and we expect this year to be even better and bigger with the involvement of more Docker hackers worldwide.

Submit Your Hack Ideas!

The San Francisco edition will kickoff with talks by Solomon Hykes, Founder and CTO of Docker and other member of the core team, who will share some updates about new features included in the latest release of Docker and how they facilitate the creation and management of distributed applications. The talks and demo will be livestreamed and recorded, so that every Docker meetup group and Docker hacker participating will be able to learn about those new features and announcements.

Everyone is welcome to join the Docker Global Hack Day either through a local Docker Meetup group or online! Most of the groups hosting events will be announced very soon, but you can already register to watch the livestream here.

If you do not find a Docker Meetup Group near you, you can participate by registering to the Docker Online Meetup group.



Docker Online Meetup #22: Docker Networking

“We’ll do for Networking, what Docker did for Compute”

Building on top of his talk at DockerCon 2015Jana Radhakrishnan, Lead Software Engineer at Docker, does a deep dive into Docker Networking with additional demos and insights on the product roadmap.

Below is the recorded video and slides from Jana’s presentation on Docker Networking.



Your Docker Agenda for OSCON

Heading to OSCON this year?


So are we! Below are our picks for the presentations not to miss at the conference. Click on the date below to jump ahead to the talks on a specific day or scroll down to see all of the talks we think you should attend!

Don’t forget to also attend our meetup at New Relic’s offices in Portland on Thursday night during OSCON featuring Jérôme Petazzoni of Docker and Kenny Bastani of Digital Insight!


Over 200 Docker Meetups!

Big thank you to our Docker community for the support in helping us grow to now over 200 Docker meetup groups!

Without all of the Docker meetup organizers, sponsors, speakers and attendees, none of this would be possible – we are immensely thankful for your contributions!

Click here to find a meetup group near you or an upcoming event to attend!

We also always looking for organizers, speakers and sponsors around the world to help our meetups grow even more. If you’re interested in organizing, speaking or sponsoring, please reach out to us!

Check out the infographic below for stats on the Docker meetup community.

Docker and the Three Ways of DevOps Part 3: The Third Way – Culture of Continuous Experimentation and Learning

written by John Willis, Evangelist at Docker

The Third Way of DevOps completes the full cycle. It has also been referred to as just “Continuous Learning”.

In DevOps speak, we sometimes allude to the word Kaizen as a method of continuous improvement in an organization. This “Kaizen” being achieved through a culture of continuous experimentation and learning throughout all activities in an organization.