Evan Hazlett

Announcing Docker Machine Beta

At DockerCon EU earlier this year, we announced Docker Machine, a tool that makes it really easy to go from “zero to Docker”. Machine creates Docker Engines on your computer, on cloud providers, and/or in your data center, and then configures the Docker client to securely talk to them. It works a bit like this: $ docker-machine create -d virtualbox dev [info] Downloading boot2docker… [info] Creating SSH key… [info] Creating VirtualBox VM… [info] Starting VirtualBox VM… [info] Waiting for VM to start… [info] “dev” has been created and is now the active machine. [info] To point your Docker client at it, run this in your shell: $(docker-machine env dev) $ $(docker-machine env dev) $ docker run busybox echo hello world Unable to find image ‘busybox’ locally Pulling repository busybox e72ac664f4f0: Download complete 511136ea3c5a: Download complete df7546f9f060: Download complete e433a6c5b276: Download Continue reading…

Ben Firshman

DockerCon EU: Introducing Docker Machine

At DockerCon EU we introduced Docker Machine, a way to get from zero to Docker. It creates Docker hosts on local hypervisors and cloud providers. Take a look at the demo in the video to get an idea for how it works, then head over to Docker Machine’s GitHub repository to try out a beta.