Trisha McCanna

Top 5 Docker Questions from Microsoft Ignite

Last week was busy for the Docker team at Microsoft Ignite in Atlanta. With the exciting announcement about the next evolution of the Docker and Microsoft relationship, the availability of Docker for Windows Server 2016 workloads, the show floor, general session, keynotes, and breakout sessions were all abuzz about Docker for Windows. Whether you were attended or not we want to make sure you didn’t miss a thing, here are the key announcements at this year’s Microsoft Ignite: Docker Doubles Container Market with Support for Windows Workloads Availability of Docker For Windows Server 2016 Docker Commercially Supported Docker Engine available in Windows Server 2016 Cool @VisualStudio and @docker integration being demoed by @shanselman at #MSIgnite auto creation of Dockerfiles & debug inside containers. — Marcus Robinson (@techdiction) September 26, 2016 Wow @Docker engine included with all Server 2016 deployments. Continue reading…

Mano Marks

Image2Docker: A New Tool for Prototyping Windows VM Conversions

Docker is a great tool for building, shipping, and running your applications. Many companies are already moving their legacy applications to Docker containers and now with the introduction of the Microsoft Windows Server 2016, Docker Engine can now run containers  natively on Windows.To make it even easier, there’s a new prototyping tool for Windows VMs that shows you how to replicate a VM Image to a container. Docker Captain Trevor Sullivan recently released the Image2Docker tool, an open source project we’re hosting on GitHub. Still in it’s early stages, Image2Docker is a Powershell module that you can point at a virtual hard disk image, scan for common Windows components and suggest a Dockerfile. And to make it even easier, we’re hosting it in the Powershell Gallery to make it easy to install and use. In Powershell, just type: Install-Module -Name Image2Docker And Continue reading…

Arnaud Porterie

Introducing the Technical Preview of Docker Engine for Windows Server 2016

written by Arnaud Porterie, Docker Senior Engineering Manager   It’s here… Never been more stoked before then when I started the docker daemon on Windows today eeeeeeeeeeeee — jessie frazelle (@frazelledazzell) August 11, 2015 As core engineer on the Docker Engine team, I naturally spend most of time in Linux. Recently that has been changing: in April, we released a Windows version of the Docker client. Through this process, we have been working closely with Microsoft developers and showing progress along the way, like what was demonstrated at the Build conference and DockerCon 2015. One question I get a lot besides “When are you merging my PR?” is “When will Docker run on Windows?” The first question requires a blog post of it’s own… but the second question now has a rather exciting answer. This week marks a huge leap forward Continue reading…

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Michael Chiang

Kitematic for Windows Alpha Now Available!

Soon to be the fastest and easiest way to run Docker containers on your Windows PC Today is an exciting day for those who love Windows and want to be part of the Docker community! The Kitematic for Windows alpha program is now available – sign up here for access now!

Ben Golub

Docker and Microsoft Partner to Drive Adoption of Distributed Applications to Every Enterprise Operating System and Cloud

Today, we announced an exciting set of joint initiatives with Microsoft, including: Extending Docker to Windows with Docker Engine for Windows Server Microsoft’s support of Docker’s open orchestration APIs Integration of Docker Hub with Microsoft Azure, and Collaboration on the multi-Docker container model, including support for applications consisting of both Linux and Windows Docker containers I’d like to provide some context for this announcement, and why we are so excited. When Docker was launched as an open source project 18 months ago, we had a simple goal: “To build the ‘button’ that enables any application to be built and deployed on any server, anywhere.” Today, we feel we’ve largely succeeded…for a) Linux applications consisting of b) a limited number of Docker containers. We need to make progress in two big areas over the next few months in order to achieve Continue reading…