Mike Coleman

Docker at Tech Field Day 12

Docker will be presenting at Tech Field Day 12, and you can sit in on the sessions – at least virtually. Tech Field Day is an opportunity for IT practitioners to hear from some of the leading technology companies, and Docker is excited to be participating again. Many thanks to Stephen Foskett and Tom Hollingsworth for cultivating a vibrant community of technical leaders and evangelists and inviting us to participate. Looking forward to meeting more of the delegates. Our session will be Wednesday, November 16th, from 4:30 to 6:30pm Pacific. We have a full slate of topics including: Docker Datacenter: What is Docker Datacenter and how can it help organizations implement their own Container as a Service platform. Docker for Windows Server: An overview of the integration of Docker containers and Windows Server 2016. Docker for AWS and Docker for Azure: Continue reading…

Trisha McCanna

Considerations for Running Docker for Windows Server 2016 with Hyper-V VMs

We often get asked at Docker, “Where should I run my application? On bare metal, virtual or cloud?” The beauty of Docker is that you can run a container anywhere, so we usually answer this question with “It depends.” Not what you were looking for, right? To answer this, you first need to consider which infrastructure makes the most sense for your application architecture and business goals. We get this question so often that our technical evangelist, Mike Coleman has written a few blogs to provide some guidance: To Use Physical Or To Use Virtual: That Is The Container Deployment Question So, When Do You Use A Container Or VM? During our recent webinar, titled “Docker for Windows Server 2016”, this question came up a lot, specifically what to consider when deploying a Windows Server 2016 application in a Hyper-V VM Continue reading…

Michael Friis

Build and run your first Docker Windows Server container

Today, Microsoft announced the general availability of Windows Server 2016, and with it, Docker engine running containers natively on Windows. This blog post describes how to get setup to run Docker Windows Containers on Windows 10 or using a Windows Server 2016 VM. Check out the companion blog posts on the technical improvements that have made Docker containers on Windows possible and the post announcing the Docker Inc. and Microsoft partnership. Before getting started, It’s important to understand that Windows Containers run Windows executables compiled for the Windows Server kernel and userland (either windowsservercore or nanoserver). To build and run Windows containers, a Windows system with container support is required. Windows 10 with Anniversary Update For developers, Windows 10 is a great place to run Docker Windows containers and containerization support was added to the the Windows 10 kernel with Continue reading…

Scott Johnston

Docker Announces Commercial Partnership with Microsoft to Double Container Market by Extending Docker Engine to Windows Server

With industry analysts declaring Windows Server with more than 60% of the x86 server market, and citing Microsoft Azure as the fastest-growing public cloud, it comes as no surprise that Microsoft, even at its current scale, is further extending its leadership as a strategic, trusted partner to enterprise IT. It is this industry leadership that catalyzed our technical collaboration in the Docker open source project back in October 2014, to jointly bring the agility, portability, and security benefits of the Docker platform to Windows Server.  After two years of joint engineering, we are excited to unveil a new, commercial partnership to extend these benefits for both Windows developers targeting Windows Server and enterprise IT professionals. Specifically, the commercial partnership entails: The Commercially Supported Docker Engine aka “CS Docker Engine”, Docker, Inc.’s tested, validated, and supported package of Docker Engine, will Continue reading…

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Patrick Chanezon

Docker at Connect(); // 2015

Connect(); //2015, Microsoft’s virtual event devoted to developers, happened one day after DockerCon EU 2015, and started with an epic demo where Scott Hanselman deployed an ASP.NET 5 app from Visual Studio to a Docker container on Azure on Linux.

Arnaud Porterie

Introducing the Technical Preview of Docker Engine for Windows Server 2016

written by Arnaud Porterie, Docker Senior Engineering Manager   It’s here… Never been more stoked before then when I started the docker daemon on Windows today eeeeeeeeeeeee — jessie frazelle (@frazelledazzell) August 11, 2015 As core engineer on the Docker Engine team, I naturally spend most of time in Linux. Recently that has been changing: in April, we released a Windows version of the Docker client. Through this process, we have been working closely with Microsoft developers and showing progress along the way, like what was demonstrated at the Build conference and DockerCon 2015. One question I get a lot besides “When are you merging my PR?” is “When will Docker run on Windows?” The first question requires a blog post of it’s own… but the second question now has a rather exciting answer. This week marks a huge leap forward Continue reading…

Microsoft Demonstrates Docker in Build 2015 Keynote Address

Today Microsoft and Docker took the opportunity to talk about and demonstrate some of the progress we have been able to make together over the past 6 months. This culminated in to showing for the first time at Microsoft Build the Docker Engine running successfully on Windows Server. Like many companies just starting to work with Microsoft, we had some reservations about what we could ultimately accomplish together.