Jenny Fong

Are Containers Replacing Virtual Machines?

With 20,000 partners and attendees converging at VMworld in Las Vegas this week, we often get asked if containers are replacing virtual machines (VMs). Many of our Docker Enterprise customers do run their containers on virtualized infrastructure while others run it on bare metal. Docker provides IT and operators choice on where to run their applications – in a virtual machine, on bare metal, or in the cloud. In this blog we’ll provide a few thoughts on the relationship between VMs and containers.  Point #1: Containers Are More Agile than VMs At this stage of container maturity, there is very little doubt that containers give both developers and operators more agility. Containers deploy quickly, deliver immutable infrastructure and solve the age-old “works on my machine” problem. They also replace the traditional patching process, allowing organizations to respond to issues faster and Continue reading…

Jenny Fong

Learn More About Docker at VMworld 2018

  The Docker team will be at VMworld in Las Vegas next week (Aug. 26-30) to interact with IT leaders and virtualization administrators and share the latest on Docker Enterprise – the leading enterprise-ready container platform that supports your choice of technology stacks, application types, operating systems and infrastructure. Register today to get a guided tour of Docker Enterprise.   Secure Your Legacy, Protect Your Future – See How Docker Works for Windows Server Migrations Come by Booth #2513 near the Mobility Zone to learn more about container platforms and how Docker Enterprise is the only solution that can help IT migrate applications from Windows Server 2008 to Windows Server 2016 – without recoding! Windows Server 2008 is approaching End of Support which means security and maintenance patches will be discontinued. Don’t risk your business critical apps with an unpatched and unsupported operating system. Continue reading…

Jim Armstrong

Docker in the Enterprise Showcased at VMworld 2017

Last week, in the blistering heat of Las Vegas, Docker had a chance to interact with thousands of VMworld attendees to talk about containers. The message we heard again and again was that those in charge of infrastructure and virtualization are now being asked to manage containers. Sometimes it is being driven by developer teams that are already using Docker, but sometimes it is the infrastructure teams who recognize the benefits of moving applications to containers for easier maintenance and operations as well as cost savings. With Docker Enterprise Edition (EE), we have a solution that is designed to let IT secure and manage containerized applications. Learn More About Docker for VMware Admins If you’re interested in learning more about how Docker EE allows IT to improve operations, move workloads to the cloud and increase application agility all while saving Continue reading…

Jenny Fong

Test Drive Docker Enterprise Edition at VMworld 2017

Docker will be at VMworld 2017 next week (August 27-31) in Las Vegas to highlight new developments with Docker Enterprise Edition (EE), the only Container as a Service (CaaS) platform for managing and securing Windows, Linux and mainframe applications across any infrastructure, both on premises and in the cloud. Stop by Booth #1206 to learn more about: How VMs and containers work together for improved application lifecycle management How containers and Docker EE can help IT with day-to-day maintenance and operations tasks How IT can lead modernization efforts with Docker EE and become drivers of innovation in their organizations Just as VMware vSphere simplified the management of VMs and made virtualization the de facto standard inside the data center, Docker is driving containerization of your entire application portfolio with Docker EE and helping organizations like yours to achieve their cloud and app modernization Continue reading…

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Betty Junod

Docker at Tech Field Day 2016

Save the date!  This coming Thursday Docker is excited to host the delegates of Cloud Field Day at our headquarters for a deep dive into the Docker platform. Cloud Field Day is part of a series of Tech Field Day events that bring together technology companies and IT thought leaders to talk shop with technology and insights. Cloud Field Day will be live and in person at Docker HQ but anyone can join in by participating in the live stream. Docker will be featured at 1pm on Thursday Sept 15th. Join us by visiting the Cloud Field Day event page. Cloud field day is just one in a series of Tech Field Day sessions coordinated by IT industry veterans Stephen Foskett and Tom Hollingsworth. Learn more about the whole Tech Field Day series here.   ICYMI:  Our very own Mike Coleman, spoke at Continue reading…

Chris Hines

The 4 Biggest Questions About Docker from VMworld 2016

Simply incredible. We spent last week at VMworld speaking with thousands of enterprise security, infrastructure and virtualization pros. It was humbling to witness all of the curiosity and excitement around Docker at the show, and how Docker clearly made a strong impression on the attendees. This curiosity around Docker and its use within enterprise environments is the reason why i’m writing this blog. We noticed that there were many of the same questions that arose, and we figured we should share them with you, as you start your journey towards adopting Docker containers and VMs. Here are the most commonly asked questions from the conference. What is Docker? Or even a container? Is it a lightweight VM? Can I use it with vSphere? What value do they provide?   Containers are really about applications, not servers. That’s why they aren’t VMs. Continue reading…

David Messina

Docker at VMworld 2015: VMs are a Sound Infrastructure for Dockerized Applications

VMware’s announcements both today and last year at VMworld are reflective of the efforts we’re seeing among our ecosystem partners as they continue to optimize their infrastructure solutions for Dockerized applications. The approach that VMware is taking is an interesting dual-strategy; one that makes their existing vSphere solution even better for Docker, while offering a new generation of applications through a solution that is centered on their minimalist Linux OS Photon. That type of investment is great validation of how pervasive Dockerized applications have become in the enterprise since we first announced our partnership last year.

Scott Johnston

Docker & VMware: 1 + 1 = 3

Today at VMworld we’re excited to announce a broad partnership with VMware.  The objective is to provide enterprise IT customers with joint solutions that combine the application lifecycle speed and environment interoperability of the Docker platform with the security, reliability, and management of VMware infrastructure.  To deliver this “better together” solution to customers, Docker and VMware are collaborating on a wide range of product, sales, and marketing initiatives. Why join forces now?  In its first 12 months Docker usage rapidly spread among startups and early adopters who valued the platform’s ability to separate the concerns of application development management from those of infrastructure provisioning, configuration, and operations.  Docker gave these early users a new, faster way to build distributed apps as well as a “write once, run anywhere” choice of deployment from laptops to bare metal to VMs to private Continue reading…