Jim Armstrong

Docker in the Enterprise Showcased at VMworld 2017

Last week, in the blistering heat of Las Vegas, Docker had a chance to interact with thousands of VMworld attendees to talk about containers. The message we heard again and again was that those in charge of infrastructure and virtualization are now being asked to manage containers. Sometimes it is being driven by developer teams that are already using Docker, but sometimes it is the infrastructure teams who recognize the benefits of moving applications to containers for easier maintenance and operations as well as cost savings. With Docker Enterprise Edition (EE), we have a solution that is designed to let IT secure and manage containerized applications. Learn More About Docker for VMware Admins If you’re interested in learning more about how Docker EE allows IT to improve operations, move workloads to the cloud and increase application agility all while saving Continue reading…

Betty Junod

The Latest Docker Certified Container and Plugins for March and April 2017

The Docker Certification Program provides a way for technology partners to validate and certify their software or plugin as a container for use on the Docker Enterprise Edition platform.  Since the initial launch of the program in March, more Containers and Plugins have been certified and available for download.   Certified Containers and Plugins are technologies that are built with best practices as Docker containers, tested and validated against the Docker Enterprise Edition platform and APIs, pass security requirements, reviewed by Docker partner engineering and cooperatively supported by both Docker and the partner. Docker Enterprise Edition and Certified Technology provide assurance and support to businesses for their critical application infrastructure. Check out the latest Docker Certified technologies to the Docker Store: Dynatrace provides monitoring Docker applications and Docker clusters out of the box. {code} by Dell EMC certified a number of REX-ray Continue reading…

David Messina

Docker at VMworld 2015: VMs are a Sound Infrastructure for Dockerized Applications

VMware’s announcements both today and last year at VMworld are reflective of the efforts we’re seeing among our ecosystem partners as they continue to optimize their infrastructure solutions for Dockerized applications. The approach that VMware is taking is an interesting dual-strategy; one that makes their existing vSphere solution even better for Docker, while offering a new generation of applications through a solution that is centered on their minimalist Linux OS Photon. That type of investment is great validation of how pervasive Dockerized applications have become in the enterprise since we first announced our partnership last year.

David Messina

VMware News and the Expanding Minimalist OS Ecosystem

The Docker community saw expanded capabilities introduced today from VMware who showed support for the open source ecosystem with the announcement of two ecosystem projects – Project Photon, a Linux container OS and Project Lightwave, a container identity and access management solution.

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Patrick Chanezon

docker run -ti chanezon/dockerized Chanezon -v

I am a software platform builder. I joined Docker last week, to help Solomon and the Docker team build the distributed computing platform we need for the next decade, as software eats the world and is assembled in systems composed of high number of devices collaborating with even higher numbers of cloud services: a future where the paint covering the walls of your house will host thousands of units of computing, some of them getting power from the Sun, others collaborating with millions of cloud services. About me I am a software developer and storyteller, but above all, a platform guy. I spent 10 years building platforms at Netscape & Sun, then 10 years evangelizing platforms at Google, VMware & Microsoft. My main professional interest is in building and kickstarting the network effect for these wondrous two-sided markets called Platforms.

Victor Coisne

DockerCon EU: Partners Panel

This panel focuses on the unique opportunities that Docker containers present across the partner ecosystem.  Executives from industry leaders IBM, Microsoft and VMware discuss various strategies and options around the use of containers within their own technology plans and for their end-customers. Moderator / host: Ben Golub – CEO, Docker, Inc Panelists: Kit Colbert – VP & CTO, Cloud-Native Apps, VMware John Gossman – Architect, Microsoft Jason McGee – CTO Cloud Services, IBM

Scott Johnston

Docker & VMware: 1 + 1 = 3

Today at VMworld we’re excited to announce a broad partnership with VMware.  The objective is to provide enterprise IT customers with joint solutions that combine the application lifecycle speed and environment interoperability of the Docker platform with the security, reliability, and management of VMware infrastructure.  To deliver this “better together” solution to customers, Docker and VMware are collaborating on a wide range of product, sales, and marketing initiatives. Why join forces now?  In its first 12 months Docker usage rapidly spread among startups and early adopters who valued the platform’s ability to separate the concerns of application development management from those of infrastructure provisioning, configuration, and operations.  Docker gave these early users a new, faster way to build distributed apps as well as a “write once, run anywhere” choice of deployment from laptops to bare metal to VMs to private Continue reading…

Victor Coisne

Your Docker agenda for VMworld 2014

Next week starts the gigantic VMworld conference at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California. If you are attending the conference, come visit us at the Docker booth #230 and make sure to attend the following Docker-related talks, demos, discussions and meetups where you can meet and chat with fellow Dockerites: Monday, August 25th: 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM, Moscone West, Room 2014 VMware NSX for Docker, Containers & Mesos by Aaron Rosen (Staff Engineer, VMware) and Somik Behera (NSX Product Manager, VMware) This session will provide a recipe for architecting massively elastic applications, be it big data applications or developer environments such as Jenkins on top of VMware SDDC Infrastructure. We will describe the use of app isolation technologies such as LxC & Docker together with Resource Managers such as Apache Mesos & Yarn to deliver an Open Elastic Continue reading…