Betty Junod

Zenly + Docker 1.12 + 1M teenagers

Zenly is a mobile app that helps you locate your friends in real time. Recently the Zenly app reached the million registered users mark — and half of them signed up in the last three months. In the words of Steeve Morin, VP Engineering of Zenly, “Behold, the power of teenagers.” The rapid growth in users, traffic and data points generated posed new challenges for the Zenly team. As one of the early users of Docker 1.12, the Zenly team shared their experience during the keynote presentation at DockerCon US 2016 in Seattle. Here is the story as told by Steeve, JB Daildo and Corentin Kerisit:   The sudden growth of traffic has been both amazing and a real challenge to scale, not on our production stack, but our analytics pipeline as our app started to generate half a billion Continue reading…

Nick Kraly

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