Victor Coisne

Docker Online Meetup #31: Unikernels

On Wednesday, we hosted a Docker Online Meetup that was all about Unikernels! Amir Chaudhry, Richard Mortier and Martin Lucina joined us and presented an overview on Unikernels including a demo of Unikernels and Docker. The recorded video and slides from the meetup are available to watch below. Unikernels are constructed by combining application code with only the operating system components necessary for that code to run. The result is a highly specialized, single-purpose application which can be deployed directly to the cloud or onto IoT-like devices. Unikernels reduce software complexity by only including code that is required, resulting in portable applications with much smaller footprints and fast boot times.

Victor Coisne

Recap: Docker at SCALE 14x

SCALE 14x in Pasadena was a blast! With the exciting Unikernels announcement and Docker LA Meetup along with talks and workshops at the conference, there was a lot of buzz around Docker last week. Check out the slides and videos from the Docker team at SCALE 14x below.

Mano Marks

Unikernel Systems Joins Docker

I’m happy to announce today that Unikernel Systems is part of Docker! Unikernels compile your source code into a custom operating system that includes only the functionality required by the application logic. That makes them small, fast, and improves efficiency. Unikernel Systems was formed last year to build tools that allow developers to take advantage of a growing number of unikernel projects.