Docker in Ubuntu, Ubuntu in Docker

We’re excited to include the following guest blog post by our friend Dustin Kirkland, Ubuntu Cloud Product Manager at Canonical There is a design pattern, occasionally found in nature, when some of the most elegant and impressive solutions often seem so intuitive, in retrospect. For me, Docker is just that sort of game changing, hyper-innovative technology, that, at its core,  somehow seems straightforward, beautiful, and obvious. Linux containers, repositories of popular base images, snapshots using copy-on-write filesystem features.  Brilliant, yet so simple. for the win! I clearly recall nine long months ago, intrigued by a fervor of HackerNews excitement pulsing around a nascent Docker technology.  I followed a set of instructions on a very well designed and tastefully manicured web page, in order to launch my first Docker container.  Something like: start with Ubuntu 13.04, downgrade the kernel, reboot, add an Continue reading…

Running Docker on Digital Ocean with Ubuntu

Originally published at I recently wrote a post on how to get Docker up and running on Rackspace and since then I have received some requests on how to get it up and running on other hosts. One of those hosts is Digital Ocean a hot new Cloud hosting provider that offers a 512MB 20GB SSD VPS for only $5.00 / month. A really great deal, and also a great price if you want to play around with some new tool and not have to worry about possibly breaking a production server. This post should guide you though the process of getting an Ubuntu 12.04 and 13.04 VPS up and running with Docker.

Running Docker on Rackspace with Ubuntu

Originally published at I have been playing with Docker a lot lately, and it got me wondering how hard it would be to run Docker on the different Cloud providers. I noticed there were already directions on how to install on Amazon EC2 but nothing for the Rackspace Cloud. If you would like to run Docker on the RackSpace Cloud using Ubuntu you’re in luck. I just spent the afternoon figuring out how to get it installed on Ubuntu 12.04, 12.10, and 13.04, and I have included my notes below. 13.04 is the easiest to get up and running since it has the most recent kernel, but the others aren’t too bad either, they just need a few more steps, to get them up to par. I would love to expand this to other distros on Rackspace, so if you come up with more, send me a note, and so Continue reading…

John Costa

Installing Redis on Docker

Originally published at At the time when this article was written, Docker’s version was 0.1.2. Some details may have changed. You’ll need to have an functional version of docker to follow these steps. I’ve included an overview of my notes for installation, however you can find additional installation instructions at the docker website. Introduction to Docker If you’ve already worked with docker, you can skip this part. You already have docker installed and probably are running your own containers. If you haven’t, here’s a general overview to a handful of docker commands. Please read on. I’m working on a MBA, so I ran through the MacOS instructions which are repeated below. It will require that you already have VirtualBox and Vagrant already installed. If you don’t have these, you can find the getting started docs here. First clone the Continue reading…

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