Diogo Mónica

Secured at Docker – Diogo Mónica and Nathan McCauley

I’m thrilled to officially announce that Nathan McCauley and I are joining Docker to lead the Security Team. Back in 2011, Nathan and I were fortunate enough to join Square just as it was picking up steam. Square disrupted traditional point-of-sale systems by allowing anyone to take credit-card payments on their phone. And with great, disruptive ideas came new and interesting security engineering challenges. During our time at Square we built a wide range of different systems, from an general purpose cryptography infrastructure, a fully-fledged mutual-TLS micro-service architecture and a small end-to-end encrypted credit-card reader. All of these systems allow Square to move hundreds of millions of dollars per day. We are incredibly proud of what we have achieved at Square but a new opportunity presented itself. 

Derek McGowan

DockerCon EU: Trust and Image Provenance

At Dockercon EU we discussed the opportunities and challenges around trust within Docker. We covered an analysis of the existing state of trust as well as early ideas and proposals for improving trust in the future. We gave a demo of a proof of concept showing what is possible using public key cryptography for establishing trust within the Docker engine.