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Learn Docker at DockerCon 2016: Exclusive trainings for DockerCon attendees!

We are excited to offer special full day training classes exclusive to DockerCon 2016 attendees immediately following the conference on Wednesday. After all the excitement of DockerCon, this day is to help you go into the fundamentals of Docker.

Victor Coisne

Get Ready for Docker’s 3rd Birthday!

Last month, we announced our plans to celebrate the Docker Project’s 3rd birthday by organizing a series of events focused on providing Docker training to beginners. Over the past few weeks we have been amazed (once again) by the energy and incredible response from the Docker community and today, we’re happy to share with you some exciting updates! Thanks to the hard work of the awesome Docker meetup organizers, community mentors, partners and sponsors in the broader tech and open-source community, there are more than 5,500 people registered to attend one of the 100 local editions of the Docker birthday scheduled in more than 50 countries across 5 continents!

Ray Kung

How to Get the Docker Datacenter Training You Need

Containers as a Service (CaaS) provides an IT managed and secured application environment of content and infrastructure where developers can build and deploy applications in a self service manner. With the release of Docker Datacenter (an integrated solution to power and on premises/VPC based CaaS), the Docker Training team is excited to announce the availability of the Docker Datacenter remote training series. You may be thinking “CaaS with Docker Datacenter sounds great but where do I start?”

Karen Bajza

Your Docker Agenda for November

DockerCon EU 2015 is definitely a main highlight for Docker events in November, but there are so many other awesome events scheduled this month in Docker communities all over the world and online! From meetups to conference talks, webinars to workshops, check out our list of events that are coming up in November.

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Victor Coisne

DockerCon EU 2015: Learn More with the Official Docker Training

Looking to do more of a deep dive into Docker? Join the official Docker training at DockerCon EU 2015! Through instructor-led discussion and interactive, hands-on exercises, participants will understand the more advanced topics required to deploy Docker in Production.

Your Docker Agenda for October

Wow, Docker Global Hack Day #3 was a huge success! Over 2,000 community members attended the over 50 local editions organized by Docker meetup groups. Many thanks to all of the amazing people who made these events possible and our awesome Docker community who helped us with the difficult decision of choosing global winners!  There are plenty of great events in Docker communities around the world scheduled for October! From meetups to conference talks and webinars to workshops, check out our list of the events coming up this month:

Nathan LeClaire

Only Two Weeks Left to Sign Up For The First Public Docker Training

Just a quick reminder:  As of today you have only two weeks to sign up for the very first ever public Docker training class in San Francisco!  Here’s your chance to rapidly get up to speed on Docker’s container technology with plenty of first-hand attention.  The class, held in a small intimate setting in downtown San Francisco, will be led by myself and the legendary Jérôme Petazzoni.  We are both Solutions Engineers at Docker Inc. with strong backgrounds in development and operations.  The training will be held September 17th and 18th and will cover a wide range of topics from fundamentals to best practices to orchestration and beyond. Click here to reserve your spot today! Want to learn more and stay up-to-date? Try our Online Tutorial Create a free Docker Hub account Register for other Training course sessions Join the Docker Online Continue reading…

James Turnbull

Docker launches public training courses

  Together with the Docker 1.0 release at DockerCon we also announced the launch of commercial services to support Docker. One of these services is education and we’re thrilled to announce the first dates for public Docker training. We’re running training in San Francisco and New York initially. The course is called Introduction to Docker and is a two-day classroom-based training course. It will introduce you to the Docker platform and take you through installing, integrating, and running it in your development and operations environments. We’ll explain why Docker exists and why you should care about it. We’ll then take you through a variety of hands-on exercises designed to help you quickly grow from a beginner into a seasoned user including: Installing the Docker Engine Creating our first Docker container Building Docker images Storing and retrieving Docker images from Docker Hub Continue reading…