Betty Junod

Support from the Source: Getting Official Docker Support

Docker is the open platform to build, ship and run any application, anywhere. Whether legacy or microservices, Linux or Windows, Docker provides an OS, infrastructure and application architecture agnostic platform for developers and IT organizations to accelerate their application pipeline. Organizations often look for additional tooling and support as they look to bring Dockerized applications into production with SLAs that mirror their own service level commitments to their customers. Docker is available as free open source software or combined with commercial support with enterprise class service levels.   Open Source Support The Docker team and community collaborate together to release updates to the Docker Engine and other related projects every couple of months. Open source support for the Docker Engine is provided through IRC, GitHub, and Docker Forums for the latest released version of Docker software. Any bugs and issues Continue reading…

Victor Coisne

Webinar FAQ: The Value of Docker Support and Subscription

At Docker, we believe that a vibrant commercial company and open source project can co-exist and in fact their mutual success is linked together. For those of you who have been with us since our open source beginnings, our first “value of support” webinar may have given you pause to think “hey, don’t try to sell me things” or “are you selling out?” However, software support is something that our users have been asking for as their use of Docker grows in their organization. Our commercial solutions are built using the open source tool with packaging, support and maintenance to match the service levels that our users provide their own customers. Running a production environment is a complex mix of technology, process and people – all coordinating to keep their consumer experience with the application amazing. One piece of that is to Continue reading…

Iain Gray

Iain Gray: What I’ll Be Doing At Docker as VP of Customer Success

I’m incredibly excited to be joining Docker as senior vice president of Customer Success and to build upon my experience of helping enterprise customers develop business solutions based upon open source technology. I joined Red Hat as it brought open source to the enterprise for the first time. We helped Fortune 100 customers build true mission-critical Linux operating environments that replaced legacy, proprietary systems. These early adopter customers looked to Red Hat both as a trusted service and support provider, as well as their advocate within the open source community, championing upstream innovation on their behalf.