Nicola Kabar

The Enterprise IT checklist for Docker Operations

At Docker, we believe the best insights come from the developers and IT pros using the Docker platform every day. Since the launch of Docker Enterprise Edition, we learned three things from our customers. First, a top goal in enterprise IT is to deliver value to customers (internal business units or external clients)…and to do so fast. Second, most enterprises believe that Docker is at the center of their IT platform. Finally, most enterprises’ biggest challenge is moving their containerized applications to production in time to prove value. My DockerCon talk focused on addressing the third item, which seems to be a critical one for many of our customers. In our recent customer engagements, we’ve seen a pattern of common challenges when designing and deploying Docker in an enterprise environment. Particularly, customers are struggling to find best practices to speed Continue reading…

Solomon Hykes

Docker acquires Infinit: a new data layer for distributed applications

The short version: Docker acquired a fantastic company called Infinit. Using their technology, we will provide secure distributed storage out of the box, making it much easier to deploy stateful services and legacy enterprise applications on Docker. This will be delivered in a very open and modular design, so operators can easily integrate their existing storage systems, tune advanced settings, or simply disable the feature altogether. Oh, and we’re going to open-source the whole thing. The slightly longer version: At Docker we believe that tools should adapt to the people using them, not the other way around. So we spend a lot of time searching for the most exciting and powerful software technology out there, then integrating it into simple and powerful tools. That is how we discovered a small team of distributed systems engineers based out of Paris, who Continue reading…

Trisha McCanna

Docker at EMC World 2016

It’s the time again, this week EMC will welcome thousands of its customers and partners for EMC World 2016 in Las Vegas. Come visit Docker with the EMC {code} team in booth #1044 to learn about Docker is transforming modern application infrastructures. Docker experts will be on-hand for live demos, community talks, theater and breakout sessions. If you’re at EMCworld, here are the Docker-centric sessions we recommend you attend:

Chris Hines

Docker Webinar Q&A: Persistent Storage & Docker

When it comes to Docker containers, storage has been a popular topic, especially around persistent storage and data volumes. Last week, we hosted a webinar with Mike Coleman, Technical Marketing Engineer at Docker, Inc. In this webinar, Mike completed the third webinar in his three-part saga around storage and Docker. Thanks everyone who took the time to join us during our live presentation. You can watch the webinar recording here or below. Part 1 and Part 2 of this webinar series are also available to watch.

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Chris Hines

Docker Basics Webinar Q&A: Understanding Union Filesystems, Storage and Volumes

Our latest Docker webinar is part of a three session series that dives into Docker storage from outlining the basics, to considerations for planning and best practices.  Our first session goes back to the basics to explain how images, storage and volumes work in Docker. There are two more sessions coming up about Docker Storage – register now to save your seat! • Docker Storage Considerations – October 13th at 10:00 am PDT • Persistent Storage, Data and Docker – October 27th at 10:00 PDT Our speaker from this session, Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer Mike Coleman takes on the questions from the webinar in this blog post: