Solomon Hykes

Docker acquires Infinit: a new data layer for distributed applications

The short version: Docker acquired a fantastic company called Infinit. Using their technology, we will provide secure distributed storage out of the box, making it much easier to deploy stateful services and legacy enterprise applications on Docker. This will be delivered in a very open and modular design, so operators can easily integrate their existing storage systems, tune advanced settings, or simply disable the feature altogether. Oh, and we’re going to open-source the whole thing. The slightly longer version: At Docker we believe that tools should adapt to the people using them, not the other way around. So we spend a lot of time searching for the most exciting and powerful software technology out there, then integrating it into simple and powerful tools. That is how we discovered a small team of distributed systems engineers based out of Paris, who Continue reading…

Ben Firshman

Faster and Better Image Distribution with Registry 2.0 and Engine 1.6

There has been incredible growth in the usage of Docker Hub: we have now served over 300 million pulls to developers around the world, and will soon be serving 100 million per month. The current generation of the Registry has done a good job so far, but we know we need a better foundation to support this growth and keep your image pulls running fast and reliably. We’re pleased to announce a huge update to how images are distributed, which will make pulling images dramatically faster and more reliable. It’s the foundation that will support image distribution in years to come.  Docker Engine 1.6, the Docker Hub and the self-hosted Registry now support a new API which has been completely redesigned with this type of performance and scale in mind. It features: Faster image pulls: Downloading images with lots of Continue reading…

Victor Coisne

Videos from the biggest docker meetup ever: Clocker, Storage Drivers, Docker on the Desktop, Powerstrip

About three weeks ago, the Docker London user group hosted one of, if not THE biggest Docker meetup EVER since the release of Docker as open source two years ago. With about 300 attendees in the room and an amazing speakers lineup composed of some of the most knowledgeable Docker users, the Docker London community was fortunate enough to host what we could call a small conference. Largest @docker London meetup ever. Looks more like a conference than a meetup these days 🙂 #dockerlondon — Steve Domin (@stevedomin) March 3, 2015 Today, we’re really happy to share the video recordings of these sessions with the rest of the Docker community.