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Thank You Docker Community!

  written by Steve Francia I believe in doing things that matter. I believe that to do great things –  you sometimes need to take some risks. In 2014, I had an opportunity to do something that matters. Once or twice in a decade a company comes along with a product that completely transforms an industry. Docker has taken the industry by storm in completely unprecedented ways. It’s been the fastest growing company whose core product is open source. It is one of the first companies to achieve record levels of visibility and momentum in less than two years (I know there was dotCloud earlier, but in reality that was a very different company and Docker grew like a phoenix from it’s ashes). In Docker, I saw an opportunity to help guide and shape how open source businesses could be Continue reading…

Steve Francia

The power of developer communities

Since this is my first post on the Docker blog, I should introduce myself. My name is Steve Francia but you may know me better by spf13 which is my username on Twitter, GitHub and the address to my blog. I’ve recently joined Docker, Inc. as the chief of operations: open source. In this role, I’m incredibly excited to be joining the Docker project as the chief operator to work alongside Solomon Hykes who will continue to focus on driving the vision and strategy of the project in the role of chief architect and Michael Crosby who has just been appointed chief maintainer. My role in the company is to be 100% focused on the Docker project. I’ll be heavily focused on the user and contributor experience and making sure that both experiences are optimized for maximum productivity.

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Docker Project Enhances Structure to Address Unprecedented Growth; Announces Additional Leadership

 Docker Project Enhances Structure to Address Unprecedented Growth; Announces Additional Leadership  Open source project keys in on openness, accessibility and scale San Francisco, Calif. – January 28, 2015 – The Docker open source project, which develops the Docker open platform for distributed applications, today announced changes to the project’s operational structure to enable it to scale to address its unprecedented growth. During the course of 2014, the number of project contributors quadrupled and is currently at over 740. During the same period, the project processed over 5,000 pull requests, 50 percent of which were made by individuals who do not work for Docker, Inc. In addition to direct contribution, the project – through its open model for design, contribution, APIs and governance – has now fostered over 20,000 projects (such as UIs, management frameworks and monitoring tools) and over 85,000 Continue reading…