Michael Crosby

Containerd: a daemon to control runC

As we build out Docker’s infrastructure plumbing, we are committed to releasing these plumbing components as open source to help the community. Today we’re releasing a new daemon to control runC called: containerd. It’s built for performance and density, and will eventually be built into Docker Engine.

Solomon Hykes

Introducing runC: a lightweight universal container runtime

Spinning Out Docker’s Plumbing: Part 1: Introducing runC On Infrastructure Plumbing To build a platform like Docker you need a lot of infrastructure plumbing; in fact over the past two years even though our code base has grown to tens of thousands of lines of code; roughly 50% of it is plumbing! Infrastructure plumbing is made of small software tools which perform basic fundamental tasks in the most reliable and simple way possible. It is invisible and under-appreciated especially given that plumbing is what holds the world’s Internet infrastructure together. To build Docker we have re-used large quantities of plumbing: Linux, Go, lxc, aufs, lvm, iptables, virtualbox, vxlan, mesos, etcd, consul, systemd… the list goes on. Docker wouldn’t be possible without the thousands of people who contributed to create this plumbing.When plumbing was not available or not sufficient, with the help Continue reading…