Sean Li

Try on Desktop Button for Docker Hub

We’re excited to announce a new feature on Docker Hub (for Mac users right now) – a button that pulls, configures and runs Docker containers for you on your desktop in a single click. We do this by using an external protocol handler that talks to Kitematic, a desktop GUI app for Docker. This is the first step of connecting Kitematic to the Docker Hub!  

Guillaume J. Charmes

14 great tutorials on Docker

Here are 14 tutorials and articles written by the community on different subjects, that would certainly help you improve your docker skills in minutes. Getting Docker to Run on Linode & Push-button Deployment with Docker by Nick Stinemates – Jun 19 2013 > Deploy Java Apps With Docker = Awesome by Nicola Paolucci – Jun 13, 2013 > Deploying django using docker by Javed Khan – Jun 14, 2013 > Building Your Own Platform Service Using Docker by Jeff Lindsay & Solomon Hykes at GlueCon 2013 – May 22, 2013 > Using Docker to build FireFox by Gregory Szorc – May 19, 2013 >

John Costa

Installing Redis on Docker

Originally published at At the time when this article was written, Docker’s version was 0.1.2. Some details may have changed. You’ll need to have an functional version of docker to follow these steps. I’ve included an overview of my notes for installation, however you can find additional installation instructions at the docker website. Introduction to Docker If you’ve already worked with docker, you can skip this part. You already have docker installed and probably are running your own containers. If you haven’t, here’s a general overview to a handful of docker commands. Please read on. I’m working on a MBA, so I ran through the MacOS instructions which are repeated below. It will require that you already have VirtualBox and Vagrant already installed. If you don’t have these, you can find the getting started docs here. First clone the Continue reading…