Happy Pi Day with Docker and Raspberry Pi

What better way to say “Happy Pi Day” than by installing Docker Engine – Community (CE) 18.09 on Raspberry Pi. This article will walk you through the process of installing Docker Engine 18.09 on a Raspberry Pi. There are many articles out there that show this process, but many failed due to older Engine versions and some syntax issues. Special thanks to Docker Solutions Engineer, Stefan Scherer and his monitoring image (stefanscherer/monitor) along with the whoami image (stefanscherer/whoami) that allows Pimoroni Blinkt! LED’s to turn on/off when scaling an application within a Swarm Cluster.   Instructions For this demo, I used 7 Raspberry Pi’s 3 (model B+) and 1 Pimoroni Blinkt! LED for each Pi. 1. Download the following Raspian image ‘2018-11-13-raspbian-stretch-full.img’ from 2. Use balenaEtcher to write the image to each of your microusb cards. 3. To make DNS Continue reading…

Jenny Burcio

Your Guide to ContainerCamp UK

#ContainerCamp UK kicks off tomorrow in the heart of London’s Piccadilly and we can hardly contain our excitement. There are loads of Docker talks that you won’t want to miss!   Friday, September 9th   9:55 am: Ben Firshman, Director of Product Management at Docker – Building serverless apps with Docker Everyone’s talking about serverless right now. For good reason – it’s makes distributed apps much simpler to build, scale, and maintain. In this session, Ben will demonstrate how you can use Docker to mix in serverless techniques – right now – and how serverless is going to change how you build distributed apps in the future.   11:15 am: Nishant Totla, Docker Software Engineer – Orchestrating Linux containers while tolerating failures Management of containers in production requires special care in order to keep the application up and running. In this Continue reading…

Mano Marks

Swarm Mode on a Raspberry Pi Cluster

Last week I sat down with Dieter Reuter from Hypriot. Dieter is a Docker Captain who spends a lot of time working with ARM and Raspberry Pis in particular. Dieter told me how excited he is by Swarm Mode in particular because of how easy it would be to set-up a collection of Internet of Things devices to work together securely. So we took a look at how easy it is to set-up a Raspberry Pi cluster and run Docker 1.12 in Swarm Mode. Here’s how he ran Swarm Mode: So if you want to set-up a cluster of your own, he’s provided this helpful guide with a bit more details on how to set-up a Raspberry Pi Cluster in 29 minutes. Also a number of people have asked after the visualizer that he’s using in demo. This is a Continue reading…

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Victor Coisne

Update: Raspberry Pi DockerCon Challenge

In the DockerCon closing keynote Dieter Reuter from Hypriot presented a demo running 500 Docker containers on a Raspberry Pi 2 device. Convinced that this number of containers could be at least doubled, Dieter then challenged the Docker community to beat his personal record. As of now, the current record stands at 2334 web servers running in containers on a single Raspberry Pi 2. You can see the original demo here: [youtube:””]

Victor Coisne

DockerCon 2015 Videos: Day 2 Closing Keynote – What’s Next for Docker?

In case you missed the livestream, this year’s DockerCon ended with quite a bang! From Docker running on small Internet of Things (IoT) hardware (Raspberry Pi) to the biggest iron (IBM mainframes), DockerCon’s closing keynote gave everyone a sneak peak into what’s next for the Docker community. Today, we’re happy to share with you the video recording of the following demos: Docker on the Raspberry Pi by Dieter Reuter from Hypriot Docker on the mainframe by Steve Vander Wiel from IBM Docker live migration by Arnaud Porterie & Michael Crosby from Docker, Inc After watching the video and reviewing the slides, check out our Hypriot/Raspberry Pi DockerCon Challenge for your chance to win a pass to and demo opportunity at DockerCon Europe 2015!