Betty Junod

Intro to Docker Webinar: Q&A

Many great questions popped up in this week’s Introduction to Docker webinar where we covered the basics of the Docker technology, discussed the Continuous Integration (CI) use case and a product demo of Docker Trusted Registry and Docker Engine. Instead of keeping the Q&A for the webinar attendees only, we wanted to share in a blog post as anyone new to Docker may have similar questions. So what is Docker? Docker is the open platform to build, ship and run applications. The Docker Project is one of the fastest growing open source projects and Docker, Inc. is the is the primary sponsor of project and delivers supported commercial solutions for developers and sysadmins of distributed applications. We have more great webinar topics lined up! To attend future webinars, register here.


DockerCon video: Lessons from using Docker to improve web developer productivity

In this session, Kevin Ready (General Manager at and Aater Suleman (Founder & CEO at Flux7) share their experiences with Docker and how they automated’s infrastructure on AWS. This talk also presents their reference design that allows developers to test code in a production-like environment at a high pace, while still minimizing bugs that occur due to mismatch in local and QA/production environment.     Learn More Find a lot of great articles on Docker on Flux7 Blog Docker Events and Meetup View the list of upcoming events & meetup Find a Docker meetup group Try Docker and stay up-to-date Try our online tutorial Sign up for Docker Weekly