Eric Windisch

OpenStack – Icehouse Release Update

Today, we expect the release of OpenStack Icehouse. In March, we reminded readers that Docker will continue to have OpenStack integration in Icehouse through our integration with Heat. Of course, that remains true.  Since then, however, much has happened to warrant an update. Since our last post, we’ve received great feedback from the community on their efforts in using OpenStack Heat to automate their Docker workloads. We’ve also seen great contributions to the Nova driver, including the addition of Neutron support. Additionally, we’ve also seen a fabulous effort from Brint O’Hearn of Rackspace in showing how to drive Heat workloads without our Heat plugin and Docker being more deeply embedded in OpenCrowbar. Heat From those using the Heat plugin, we’ve received positive feedback on the example we provided in our last posting, but users noted we missed important details such as installation Continue reading…

Ben Golub

Docker Out in Force at the OpenStack Summit

I. Overview The 2013 OpenStack summit has come to a close, and Docker was out in force. We sent a full 16% of the company there! (Well, three people—Ben Golub, Sam Alba, and Nick Stinemates). The conference itself was incredible—over 3,000 people from 58 countries were there, over 2/3 of whom had never attended a summit before. Overall, the pace of OpenStack adoption and growth has been very impressive. (For a quick overview on OpenStack, see the keynote,  or Randy Bias and Scott Sanchez’s latest “State of the Stack” talk.) While a Docker driver for OpenStack Nova had already been accepted into OpenStack for the Havana release, it became clear during the conference that Docker and containers had impacts and implications far beyond the Nova driver.

Sam Alba

OpenStack Havana is out and includes native Docker support

The OpenStack foundation announced yesterday that the last version of OpenStack, codename “Havana”, is now available – and it now includes Docker! The OpenStack project has a release cycle of 6 months. For this new release, more than 400 feature blueprints have been implemented and more than 3000 reported bugs have been addressed. Among those new features, OpenStack Havana introduces a native support for Docker containers in the OpenStack Compute project. Docker is now supported as a new hypervisor enabling OpenStack users to deploy and manage Docker containers using the Nova API. This means two big things:

Guillaume J. Charmes

Awesome projects from the Docker community

Everyday the Docker community is building awesome tools and projects with and for Docker. Today we want to share some of them with you. 1. Projects built with Docker JiffyLab – web based environment for the instruction, or lightweight use of, Python and UNIX shell by Preston Holmes – 26 Jun, 2013 > > > Dokku – Docker powered mini-Heroku. The smallest PaaS implementation you’ve ever seen by Jeff Lindsay – Jun 10, 2013 > > > Memcached as a Service by Julien Barbier – Apr 14, 2013 > > >

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