Mano Marks

Docker Compose and Networking: Easy, secure apps at scale

  When we released Docker 1.10 and Docker Compose 1.6 on February 4th, we provided you with an easy way to build a fully featured and scalable app. It’s amazing what you can do with just one simple file. I am constantly impressed what a docker-compose up gets you now. Networks and Volumes are now first class citizens of Docker Compose. That gives you a lot of control, allowing you to for instance put individual services on more than one network, and easily share volumes.

Victor Coisne

Docker Online Meetup #22: Docker Networking

“We’ll do for Networking, what Docker did for Compute” Building on top of his talk at DockerCon 2015, Jana Radhakrishnan, Lead Software Engineer at Docker, does a deep dive into Docker Networking with additional demos and insights on the product roadmap. Below is the recorded video and slides from Jana’s presentation on Docker Networking.  

Dave Tucker

Docker Networking takes a step in the right direction

It’s been just over one month since the SocketPlane team joined Docker and we’ve been working hard to deliver on our promise of helping to grow a healthy ecosystem around Networking. This week, with the help of our partners, we’ve taken the first major step by making libnetwork open source. What is libnetwork? In its initial form libnetwork is an amalgamation of the networking code from both libcontainer and Docker Engine that we expect to grow into a multi-platform library for networking containers, much like how libcontainer is used to create containers today. Libnetwork also introduces the Container Network Model (CNM) which was inspired by this GitHub issue and the valuable input from networking partners Cisco, IBM, Joyent, Microsoft, Rancher, VMware and Weave. With the help of our ecosystem, we’ve laid the foundations for a valuable library that can be Continue reading…

Solomon Hykes

Docker 0.5.0: external volumes, advanced networking, self hosted registry

Introducing Docker 0.5.0 Dear Dockers, Today we are happy to introduce a new release of Docker. In addition to numerous stability and usability fixes, this release adds support for external volumes, advanced networking options, a vastly improved self-hosted registry, and dozens of other improvements.

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Jérôme Petazzoni

Docker containers can haz networking now!

TL,DR: The following command will allocate a random port on your machine, and map it to port 1234 inside a container: docker run -p 1234 base — nc -l 1234 Use docker inspect (and look under NetworkSettings) to see which random port was allocated. Good news, everyone! Networking support has been merged. This means that your containers can now talk to the outside world (duh!), and the outside world can talk to them as well.