Steve Francia

The power of developer communities

Since this is my first post on the Docker blog, I should introduce myself. My name is Steve Francia but you may know me better by spf13 which is my username on Twitter, GitHub and the address to my blog. I’ve recently joined Docker, Inc. as the chief of operations: open source. In this role, I’m incredibly excited to be joining the Docker project as the chief operator to work alongside Solomon Hykes who will continue to focus on driving the vision and strategy of the project in the role of chief architect and Michael Crosby who has just been appointed chief maintainer. My role in the company is to be 100% focused on the Docker project. I’ll be heavily focused on the user and contributor experience and making sure that both experiences are optimized for maximum productivity.

Victor Coisne

Oct 2nd Docker Meetups in NYC, London and Paris

On October 2nd, there were 3 Docker meetups happening in 3 different cities: New York City, London and Paris. We are so thrilled about how fast the Docker meetups are spreading across the globe. We would like to thanks all the event organizers that are taking the lead to make this events happen and all the companies that are gracefully offering office space to host them.