Peter Salvatore

Ecosystem Technology Partner (ETP) Program: Logging

The Docker “Ecosystem Technology Partner (ETP) Program” is designed to highlight partners in the Docker ecosystem that have demonstrated quality integrations with the Docker platform and offer a compelling user experience. The first set of partners to demonstrate their expertise in recording and managing log data for Dockerized applications includes Amazon CloudWatch from Amazon Web Services (AWS), Elastic, Graylog, Rapid7/Logentries, Loggly, Papertrail, Sematext Logsene, Sumo Logic and Treasure Data.

Victor Coisne

Online Meetup: Docker Engine 1.6: labels, logging, builder, and more

In case you missed it, Docker 1.6 has been released last week and we announced major updates to Docker Engine, Registry, Compose, Swarm, and Machine. We released all these projects at the same time so you can test and roll them out together, and so that we can ship features that span multiple tools.   Due to popular demand, we also announced a series of Docker online meetups covering the updates included in the release of each of these projects.

Mario Ponticello

Tips for Deploying NGINX (Official Image) with Docker

In the past year alone, the Docker community has created 100,000+ images and over 300+ million images have been pulled from Docker Hub to date.  Over 20 million of these pulls came from the 70+ Official Images that Docker develops in conjunction with upstream partners, like Oracle, CentOS, and NGINX. NGINX is used by over 40% of the world’s busiest websites and is an open-source reverse proxy server, load balancer, HTTP cache, and web server.  The official image on Docker Hub has been pulled over 3.4 million times and is maintained by the NGINX team. This post from NGINX provides a walkthrough on using the Docker Image to deploy the open-source version of NGINX.