Jenny Burcio

Your Guide to LinuxCon and ContainerCon Europe

We had such a great time attending and speaking at LinuxCon and ContainerCon North America, that we are doing it again next week in Berlin – only bigger and better this time! Make sure to come visit us at booth #D38 and check out the awesome Docker sessions we have lined up: Keynote! Solomon Hykes, Docker’s Founder and CTO, will kick off LinuxCon with the first keynote at 9:25. If you aren’t joining us in Berlin, you can live stream his and the other keynotes by registering here. Sessions Tuesday October 4th: 11:15 – 12:05 Docker Captain Adrian Mouat will deliver a comparison of orchestration tools including Docker Swarm, Mesos/Marathon and Kubernetes. 12:15 – 1:05 Patrick Chanezon and David Chung from Docker’s technical team along with Docker Captain and maintainer Phil Estes will demonstrate how to build distributed systems without Continue reading…

Jenny Burcio

Your Docker Agenda for LinuxCon North America

Hey Dockers! We’re excited to be back at LinuxCon this year in Toronto and hope you are, too! We’ve a got a round-up of many of our awesome Docker speakers, as well as a booth. Come visit us in between the sessions at booth #41 inside “The Hub”. You may even be able to score yourself some Docker swag.   Monday: 11:45am – Curious about the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, Open Container Initiative, Cloud Foundry Foundation and their role in the cloud ecosystem? Docker’s Stephen Walli joins other panelists to deliver So CFF, CNCF, and OCI Walk into a Room (or ‘Demystifying the Confusion: CFF, CNCF, OCI). 3:00pm – Docker Captain Phil Estes will describe and demonstrate the use of the new schema format’s capabilities for multiple platform-specific image references in his More than x86_64: Docker Images for Multi-Platform session. Continue reading…

Michael Crosby

Dolly Demo at LinuxCon: Rapid cloning of existing services with runC

At LinuxCon in August, I presented a keynote demo with Diogo Mónica and Marianna Tessel. The goal of the demo was to show that checkpoint and restore of containers can not only be used for the migration of stateful services i.e. stopping the service and moving it, but also for rapid cloning of existing services. Cloning existing services quickly is one way to get an application to scale as demand increases. The most important problem we had to tackle was cache warming. A cache takes a long time to warm and can hinder the ability to scale out an application horizontally. By cloning an existing cache we do not have to pay the cost to fill it, allowing us to quickly clone our services across multiple containers. You can check out the code on github.

Victor Coisne

We Had a Whale of a Time at LinuxCon and ContainerCon!

Docker and the Docker team made quite a splash in Seattle last week at LinuxCon, ContainerCon and all of the other co-located events! Below are some of the Docker team’s favorite memories from the week.

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Victor Coisne

Your Docker Agenda for LinuxCon

Docker and containers are making a big splash in Seattle next week! LinuxCon runs from Monday, August 17 through Wednesday, August 19 but there are plenty of co-located events during the week including ContainerCon, MesosCon and the Linux Plumbers Conference. Below is our list of the must-attend talks at the different events in Seattle next week. We know the timing of several talks conflict – thankfully, they will be recorded! Docker’s SVP of Engineering Marianna Tessel will be delivering a keynote during the morning on Monday, August 17th – click here to sign up for the livestream of her talk!

Victor Coisne

Your Docker agenda for LinuxCon / CloudOpen Europe in Düsseldorf

          This week, the LinuxCon Europe / CloudOpen Europe conference is taking place in Düsseldorf, Germany. Unfortunately, there won’t be any members of the Docker Team attending but we’re confident you’ll meet awesome Docker contributors and active members of the Docker Community. In addition to informal interactions, here’s a list of where and when to see Docker-related discussions and demos:   Tuesday, October 14th: 12:15pm – Room 19 Multi-OS Continuous Packaging with Docker and by Bruno Cornec, HP Bruno will explain how to build a new container, setting it up for this usage, then preparing the delivery of the project content in order to finally build packages in it for the hosted distribution and publishing them for immediate consumption as part of the package management system.   2:30pm – Room 19 The future of PaaS Continue reading…