Andrew Hsu

Join the Beta for Docker Engine 18.09

A few weeks back, we announced changes to extend the maintenance lifecycle for Docker Engine – Community (CE). As part of these changes, we’re having a beta testing period to deliver a higher-quality engine to the market. We’d like to invite our community members to now participate in this beta testing by installing the beta package, kicking the tires, and submitting issues. Docker Engine – Community version 18.09 adds these new features: Built on containerd – Docker Engine’s new architecture is based on containerd 1.2, the same underlying runtime used with the Kubernetes containerd integration. BuildKit is now generally available – Access improved build performance (see slides 22-26) and scalability with the optional BuildKit integration. BuildKit remains opt-in with an environment variable, e.g. $ DOCKER_BUILDKIT=1 docker build . You can also set the feature option in /etc/docker/daemon.json to enable BuildKit by default: {“features”:{“buildkit”: true}} Support for Continue reading…

Jim Armstrong

Docker for Windows Desktop… Now With Kubernetes!

Today we are excited to announce the beta for Docker for Windows Desktop with integrated Kubernetes is now available in the edge channel! This release includes Kubernetes 1.8, just like the Docker for Mac and Docker Enterprise Edition and will allow you to develop Linux containers. The easiest way to get Kubernetes on your desktop is here. Simply check the box and go What You Can Do with Kubernetes on your desktop? Docker for Mac and Docker for Windows are the most popular way to configure a Docker dev environment, and are each used everyday by millions of developers to build, test, and debug containerized apps. The beauty of building with Docker for Mac or Windows is that you can deploy the exact same set of Docker container images on your desktop as you do on your production systems with Docker EE. Docker for Mac and Docker for Continue reading…

Scott Johnston

The Docker Modernize Traditional Apps (MTA) Program Adds Microsoft Azure Stack

In April of this year, Docker announced the Modernize Traditional Apps (MTA) POC program with partners Avanade, Booz Allen, Cisco, HPE and Microsoft. The MTA program is designed to help IT teams flip the 80% maintenance to 20% innovation ratio on it’s head. The combination of Docker Enterprise Edition (EE), services and infrastructure into a turnkey program delivers portability, security and efficiency for the existing app portfolio to drive down total costs and make room for innovation like cloud strategies and new app development. The program starts by packaging of existing apps into isolated containers, providing the opportunity to migrate them to new on-prem or cloud environments, without any recoding.   Docker customers have already been taking advantage of the program to jumpstart their migration to Azure and are experiencing dramatically reduced deployment and scaling times — from weeks to minutes Continue reading…

Dee Kumar

WEBINAR Q&A: Modernize Traditional Applications with Docker Enterprise Edition

This week at DockerCon, we announced the Modernize Traditional Applications (MTA) Program to help enterprises make their existing legacy apps more secure, more efficient and portable to hybrid cloud infrastructure. This webinar covers the importance of “WHY NOW and HOW” to start modernizing traditional applications with Docker Enterprise Edition. Legacy applications often serve critical business needs and have to be maintained for a long time. The maintenance of these applications can become expensive and very time consuming. Some applications may have been written decades ago, grown to millions of lines of code  and the team that built and deployed the app may no longer be at your company. That can pose a challenge for app maintenance, security and support. Docker Enterprise Edition and the Image2Docker Tool presents a unique opportunity to modernize these apps into containers to make them portable, more secure and Continue reading…

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Victor Coisne

Recap: Docker at SCALE 14x

SCALE 14x in Pasadena was a blast! With the exciting Unikernels announcement and Docker LA Meetup along with talks and workshops at the conference, there was a lot of buzz around Docker last week. Check out the slides and videos from the Docker team at SCALE 14x below.

Victor Coisne

Your Docker Agenda for SCALE 14x

We’re heading to Pasadena this week for SCALE 14x – see you there? If you are coming, make sure to stop by booth #712 to say hi to the Docker team! We also have several talks (and a few exciting secret announcements!) at the conference – below is our list of talks to attend at SCALE 14x.

Patrick Chanezon

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation is getting started today

In July Docker became a Founding Member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). Today the CNCF gets started with a ratified open governance structure including a Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) to direct technical decisions, for which nominations are open.

Victor Coisne

We Had a Whale of a Time at LinuxCon and ContainerCon!

Docker and the Docker team made quite a splash in Seattle last week at LinuxCon, ContainerCon and all of the other co-located events! Below are some of the Docker team’s favorite memories from the week.