Michael Crosby

Docker 0.6.5: name your containers, link them together, selectively publish ports, and more

Today we’re happy to announce Docker 0.6.5. Don’t be fooled by the version number: this is a significant release! Think of it as a preparation for 0.7, which will be even more significant. In addition to numerous bug fixes, this release introduces container naming, links between containers, better host integration, and advanced port redirects. A big thank you to (in no particular order) to Paul Nasrat, Tianon Gravi, Edmund Wagner, Travis Cline, Gurjeet Singh, Justin Force, Johan Euphrosine, Ole Reifschneider, Will Rouesnel, Alex Larsson, Greg Thornton, Sven Dowideit, Scott Bessler, Todd Lunter, Vladimir Rutsky, Nicolas Dudebout, Nicolas Dudebout, Roger Peppe, Jerome Petazzoni for your contributions. Not bad for a minor release! (sorry if we forgot anyone).