Victor Coisne

Announcing the 3rd Batch of DockerCon 2015 Speakers

Today, we’re excited to share with you the 3rd batch of speakers selected by the DockerCon Community Review Committee. We feel extremely fortunate to have such an amazing and diverse speaker lineup. From Docker use cases to DevOps culture talks and deep technical dives into the Docker ecosystem, there will be awesome content for everyone! In case you missed the it, we’ve already announced many DockerCon speakers in the following tracks: Advanced Technical Culture Uses Cases Hurry up and register know before it’s too late!

Jérôme Petazzoni

Docker + Joyent + OpenVPN = Bliss

TL,DR: in my quest to CONTAINERIZE ALL THE THINGS!, I replaced my cheap VPS with a Linux VM at Joyent, installed Docker on it, then authored an OpenVPN image for Docker. The Dockerfile and scripts used are on jpetazzo/dockvpn on Github. Let me sing you the song of my people Do you remember that revised Maslow pyramid, the one with WiFi at the base of everything? Well, somewhere in my pyramid, there is a Linux box, with root access, a fast link, and low latency. I used to run an hosting company in France and I also worked for a very disruptive dark fiber provider in the Paris area; so when I was in the land of baguette, foie gras, and Tour Eiffel, those commodities were kind of granted. But when I set foot in California, I was more than Continue reading…