Nicola Kabar

The Enterprise IT checklist for Docker Operations

At Docker, we believe the best insights come from the developers and IT pros using the Docker platform every day. Since the launch of Docker Enterprise Edition, we learned three things from our customers. First, a top goal in enterprise IT is to deliver value to customers (internal business units or external clients)…and to do so fast. Second, most enterprises believe that Docker is at the center of their IT platform. Finally, most enterprises’ biggest challenge is moving their containerized applications to production in time to prove value. My DockerCon talk focused on addressing the third item, which seems to be a critical one for many of our customers. In our recent customer engagements, we’ve seen a pattern of common challenges when designing and deploying Docker in an enterprise environment. Particularly, customers are struggling to find best practices to speed Continue reading…

Jenny Fong

A Day in the Life of a Docker Admin

About two months ago, we celebrated SysAdmin Day and kicked off our learning series for IT professionals. So far we’ve gone through the basics of containers and how containers are delivering value back to the company through cost savings. Now we begin the next stage of the journey by introducing how to deploy and operate containerized applications. For the next few weeks, we are going to relate typical IT administrative tasks that many of you are familiar with to the tasks of a Docker admin. In the end, containerized applications are still applications and it is still primarily the responsibility of IT to secure and manage them. That is the same regardless of if the application runs in a container or not. In this “A Day in the LIfe of a Docker Admin” series, we will discuss how common IT tasks translate to the Continue reading…

Jim Armstrong

Docker in the Enterprise Showcased at VMworld 2017

Last week, in the blistering heat of Las Vegas, Docker had a chance to interact with thousands of VMworld attendees to talk about containers. The message we heard again and again was that those in charge of infrastructure and virtualization are now being asked to manage containers. Sometimes it is being driven by developer teams that are already using Docker, but sometimes it is the infrastructure teams who recognize the benefits of moving applications to containers for easier maintenance and operations as well as cost savings. With Docker Enterprise Edition (EE), we have a solution that is designed to let IT secure and manage containerized applications. Learn More About Docker for VMware Admins If you’re interested in learning more about how Docker EE allows IT to improve operations, move workloads to the cloud and increase application agility all while saving Continue reading…

Jenny Fong

IT Starts with Docker

Happy SysAdmin Day! Cheers to all of you who keep your organizations running, keep our data secure, respond at a moment’s notice and bring servers and apps back to life after a crash. Today we say, “Thank You!” Anniversaries are a great time to reflect on accomplishments of the last year: the projects you’ve completed, the occasions you’ve saved your company money or time, the new technology you’ve learned. In a role like IT, so much can change each year as technology progresses and becomes more challenging to stay ahead of that curve. So this SysAdmin Day, we at Docker want to congratulate your past successes and prepare you for the year to come. Containers are not just for developers anymore and Docker is the standard for packaging all kinds of applications – Windows, Linux, traditional, and microservices. Over the next few months, Continue reading…

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Victor Coisne

Convince your manager to send you to DockerCon

Has it sunk in yet that DockerCon is in roughly 2 months? That’s right, this year we gather in April as a community and ecosystem in Austin, Texas for 3 days of deep learning and networking (with a side serving of Docker fun). DockerCon is the annual community and industry event for makers and operators of next generation distributed apps built with containers. If Docker is important to your daily workflow or your business, you and your team (reach out for group discounts) should attend this conference to stay up to date on the latest progress with the Docker platform and ecosystem. Do you really want to go to DockerCon, but are having a hard time convincing your manager on pulling the trigger to send you? Have you already explained that sessions, training and hands-on exercises are definitely worth the financial Continue reading…

Betty Junod

Docker at Tech Field Day 2016

Save the date!  This coming Thursday Docker is excited to host the delegates of Cloud Field Day at our headquarters for a deep dive into the Docker platform. Cloud Field Day is part of a series of Tech Field Day events that bring together technology companies and IT thought leaders to talk shop with technology and insights. Cloud Field Day will be live and in person at Docker HQ but anyone can join in by participating in the live stream. Docker will be featured at 1pm on Thursday Sept 15th. Join us by visiting the Cloud Field Day event page. Cloud field day is just one in a series of Tech Field Day sessions coordinated by IT industry veterans Stephen Foskett and Tom Hollingsworth. Learn more about the whole Tech Field Day series here.   ICYMI:  Our very own Mike Coleman, spoke at Continue reading…