Introducing The Docker Beta Group

The Docker index team is working hard on adding new features all the time, and we need your help. We have a bunch of features that need to be tested before we will be releasing them to the general public. If you are interested in trying out these new features before they are available, please sign up for the new Docker Beta Group. The Docker Beta Group is a new mailing list, where we will announce new features that need to be beta tested. If you want to be involved in a particular beta test, then you just need to follow the directions in the email. There is no commitment required for joining the Docker Beta Group, and you can cancel at any time. Anyone participating in a beta test would be expected to use the new feature, and give Continue reading…

Introducing Trusted Builds

We are proud to announce that we have added a new feature to the docker index called Trusted Builds. With this new feature it allows you to connect your GitHub account and add a post commit hook to your repository, so that when you push a commit, it will trigger a build and update your image inside of the docker index. This makes it really easy to keep your docker images up to date with your latest code. You can tell which repositories are built from the Trusted Build service by looking for the “Trusted Build” badge on the repository page. Here is an example of a Trusted Build repository page. The Trusted Build repository page, displays the Dockerfile used to create the repository, so you can see how it was created. It also has links to the Github project Continue reading…

Solomon Hykes

Docker 0.3 released: public index, data volumes and open-source registry

Hi everyone, Today we’re excited to announce a new version of Docker. This version brings three highly demanded features: data volumes, a searchable index and the first open-source release of the docker registry! Let us know what you think! We’re always available on #docker. Feel free to open an issue on Docker’s repository. # CONTENTS * What is Docker? * 0.3.0 summary * Data volumes * Searchable index * Open-source registry * What’s next? * Remote API * Runtime API * Build! * How you can help * Hack day on June 11

Sam Alba

New Registry goes live!

Hi all, We are proud to announce that the new Docker registry is live and ready for action. Please test this new version and report any bug that you find. Be careful, this is production, so altering your data on the new registry will alter your data on the old one. IMPORTANT: After you pushed a given repository at least once with the new client, you should not access that same repository again with the old client. 2 ways of using the new Registry: – Build Docker from source using the “registry-update” branch. – Use the following binary:

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Solomon Hykes

List of publicly available docker images

Hey dockers, I get a lot of requests for a way to find publicly available docker images. The registry team is working on exactly that. While we wait, I put together a wiki page so we can all list images. Feel free to add your own, add requests, +1 requests etc.