Docker Hub Improvements

Docker Hub has become an integral part of the Docker experience for our incredible community. As our user community has scaled exponentially, we have begun to put significant effort into improving its scale, performance and reliability. A number of these changes have happened through new software releases, but we also have made significant upgrades in hardware which happened during our recent scheduled maintenance window.    

Roberto Hashioka

Improved Index Search Engine with Suggestions and Better Search Results

We are working hard to improve the user experience on the Docker Index, and we’d like to share some improvements with you. Improved Search Along with many other enhancements, we removed the database search and plugged in a Haystack/ElasticSearch solution in order to make the search results more accurate and relevant. Using ElasticSearch, we were able to apply some of the great features that ElasticSearch provides to you such as: • Boost Fields: Fields such as image name, namespace and description has its on weight and for each searched term, the search engine applies those weights and returns you the best results in order of relevance • Tokenization: In order to provide a great experience to the user with real-time autocomplete we took advantage of the efficient ElasticSearch tokenize feature which breaks a string down into a stream of terms Continue reading…