Victor Coisne

Docker Global Hack Day

In the light of Docker’s recent global outreach, we decided that the Docker Hack Day #8 (Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013) should be Global. This means that you can hack using Docker from anywhere and present your hack to the whole Docker community via video or a Google Hangout call. If you want to get involved, you can either attend one of the local editions or attend remotely. 0. Stay connected with the Docker hackers from all around the World During the day the Docker team and the Docker community will be on IRC helping you hack your project or answering questions about Docker. The official back channel for this event on IRC is #docker. Tell the Docker community what you’re hacking on: The official hash tag for the event on Twitter is #dockerhackday. Everybody will tweet using this hashtag. You can also follow us Continue reading…

Victor Coisne

Docker Hack Day #7 & Online 101 Session

October 1st was not only the date of our Docker Hack Day #7 but also the first Online 101 Session broadcasted through google hangout on air. Below you will find a few comments, photos and videos of these two events. Online 101 Session: Nick Stinemates (picture here below) gave an introduction to what Docker is all about and how you can use Docker for Multi-Cloud Deployment. Over the next few months, we will be having more online sessions to make Docker accessible to our growing community overseas.

Solomon Hykes

Heroku buildpacks on Docker

Hi all, Today’s hack day turned into an improvised collective workshop, and the result is that you can now build and run Heroku apps on Docker 🙂 # DOCKERIZING YOUR HEROKU APP Here’s how to dockerize your heroku app using the official Node.js buildpack: ## Step 1: Add a Dockerfile to your app Make sure to use the buildpack as a base layer. Here’s an example: