Your Docker Agenda for September

Even though everyone is talking about Docker Global Hack Day #3, there are plenty of great events in Docker communities near you to attend! From meetups to conference talks and webinars to workshops, check out our list of the events coming up in September:

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Docker Global Hack Day #3: Thoughts from Previous Hackathon Hackers, Cool Hack Ideas & Additional Cities

Docker Global Hack Day is coming up on Wednesday, September 16th through Monday, September 21st! Check out the submitted hack ideas! Two Docker-run hackathon veterans, George Lewis and Charlie Lewis, shared their thoughts on participating in these hackathons. Also, more cities around the world announced their local Docker Global Hack Day meetups! Scroll down to see what George and Charlie think about participating in Docker Global Hack Day, the entire list of cities holding local meetups, submitted hack ideas, and the prizes for winning hacks along with more information including the rules and categories for Docker Global Hack Day.

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Highlights from the DockerCon 2015 Hackathon

During the weekend before DockerCon, over 250 people participated in a 24-hour Docker-centric hackathon. Big thanks to Rancher for sponsoring the hackathon and to Microsoft for sponsoring the DockerCon Street Fighter Tournament. Also, thank you to all of the participants who made this event full of learning, hacking and fun! Click here to view all the photos from the event. The following tweet quite nicely summarizes how we feel about the hackathon and the incredible quality of the submissions! Amazed by amount of solid projects developed just in 24 hours during #dockercon #hackathon. Every single one is the winner to me — Alena Prokharchyk (@Lemonjet) June 21, 2015 Below are all of the hackathon submissions with the three winning projects featured at the top.

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DockerCon 2015 Hackathon: Ready to Hack Docker?

The Docker team is organizing a 24-hour hackathon for the Docker community during the weekend before DockerCon 2015. Thanks to help from our sponsor Rancher Labs, this year’s DockerCon Hackathon will be our largest ever! Spots are limited for this year’s hackathon, so be sure to RSVP now. Didn’t get a spot? Don’t worry: just join the waitlist and we’ll let you know when a spot opens up. Please note that all registrations must be completed through Eventbrite and that an RSVP to the Hackathon does not include access to the DockerCon conference – click here to purchase a ticket for the DockerCon 2015 conference.

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Join us for Docker Birthday and Open-Source-a-thon to support whales and marine wildlife

Two weeks ago, we proudly announced the organization of a global open-source-a-thon to celebrate the Docker project’s 2nd birthday. Today, we’re excited to share more details around the event series and how you can participate. During the week of March 23rd, the docker community will be hosting over a dozen open-source-a-thon parties around the world. At these parties the Docker core team and expert developers from the Go community will teach and guide participants on how to contribute to open source. Contributions to the project at these events and in the weeks following will count toward our donation to the Oceanic Society and its mission to conserve the habitat of Moby Dock and blue whales across the planet.

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DockerCon Europe Hackathon

On the weekend before DockerCon 2014 which took place on June 9-10th in San Francisco, the Docker team decided to host a 24-hour Docker-centric hackathon at Docker HQ. The 3 winning teams (below) were offered free tickets for the conference and a chance to present their projects during the conference.   We all had a really good time thanks to all the participants and thought it would be fun to organize the European version of this DockerCon hackathon. Unlike the SF edition, we decided to schedule this hackathon on the Saturday following DockerCon Europe for people to hack on the new features and project announced during the conference. Rules As a Team of 1 to 3 hackers you will hack on a project using Docker as the central piece. You will have under 12 hours to complete this project including the time to create all materials needed for your Continue reading…

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Docker Global Hack Day at TechEd Europe 2014

On October 15th, Docker, Inc and Microsoft Corp announced an exciting set of joint initiatives with the headline that the two companies will be collaborating on Docker Engine for Windows Server to create one standard for containers across all enterprise operating systems.  The partnership also covers Microsoft’s support of Docker’s open orchestration APIs which ensure portability for multi-container applications.  For the first time, developers will be able to directly work with a pre-configured Docker Engine in Azure and immediately begin work on creating a Dockerized application.  This new joint capability will be demonstrated live at Docker’s Global Hack Day on October 30th . To celebrate this new collaboration and capability, we decided to organize the Barcelona edition of the Docker Global Hack Day in collaboration with Microsoft TechEd Europe. Your Docker schedule at TechEd Europe: Wednesday, October 29 12:00 PM Continue reading…