John Mulhausen

Docker Docs Hackathon: April 17-21, 2017

During DockerCon 2017, Docker’s docs team will be running the first-ever Docker Docs hackathon, and you’re invited to participate and win prizes – whether you attend DockerCon or are just watching the proceedings online. Essentially, it’s a bug-bash! We have a number of bugs filed against our docs up on GitHub for you to grab. You can participate in one of two ways: With the docs team’s help in the fourth floor hack room at DockerCon on Tuesday, April 18th and Wednesday, April 19th, from 1-6pm. Online! Right here! During the whole week of DockerCon (April 17th – 21st). Or, both – if you want to have the best shot. After all, we won’t be in the hack room 24/7 that whole week. All participants who show up in the 4th floor hack room at DockerCon will get this way-cool Continue reading…

Lisa McNicol

Announcing Docker 1.12 Hackathon winners

The judges have deliberated, our community has voted, and the results are in! We are happy to announce the top 5 submissions of the Docker 1.12 Hackathon. In case you missed it, the theme of the hackathon was to build, ship, and run a distributed software application using a release candidate of Docker 1.12. We encouraged participants to hack the new features included in Docker 1.12, such as: Swarm Mode, Cryptographic node identity, Service API, and Build-in routing mesh.

Victor Coisne

DockerCon 2016: Just Wow!

The Docker Community has continued to impress us with so much awesomeness packed in just a few days at DockerCon 2016! Big thank you to all of the 141 confirmed speakers (not including Open Forum track sessions!), 100+ sponsors and over 4,000 attendees for helping us make such a big splash in Seattle. We’ll post the recorded videos and slides soon starting with the general sessions but here is a brief recap of all of the news from DockerCon 2016!

Michelle Antebi

Register Now for the Docker 1.12 Hackathon

With the recent announcement of Docker 1.12, we are happy to announce that today marks the first day of the Docker 1.12 Hackathon! Now that the hackathon is open for registration, participants are encouraged to hack using the new features included in Docker 1.12 including: Swarm Mode, the Service Deployment API, and the built-in routing mesh. For the Docker 1.12 Hackathon, we are using a platform called DevPost, which allows participants to review the rules, submit their hacks, view other hacks, participate in and start discussions, and easily find other participants with similar interests or complementary skills to join forces with! Submissions are due on Monday, July 25th followed by a week-long judging period. The judging panel for the Docker 1.12 Hackathon include three Docker Captains and two Docker employees: Phil Estes – Docker Captain and Senior Technical Staff Member at IBM Cloud Continue reading…

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Dora Korpar and Siphan Bou

DockerCon Cool Hack Challenge: Tyrion Cannister Neural Style GUI

As students at Holberton School, a software engineering school based in San Francisco, Siphan and I are exposed to lots of exciting technology! The main goal of the school is to produce full-stack engineers in two years. Although we are only four months into the program, we are already learning how to use the Docker platform. A few weeks ago, we held our very first hackathon at school – and of course it was focused on Docker! The school’s founders (one of whom was an original member of the Docker marketing #boomteam) thought now was the perfect time for us to participate in a hackathon, so they teamed up with Docker to make it happen. In the spirit of DockerCon, our guidelines were basically the same as those of DockerCon Cool Hack Challenge: make the most awesome things we could Continue reading…

Michelle Antebi

Announcing Our Next Docker Hackathon!

In just a couple of days, over four thousand people will be joining us in Seattle for DockerCon 2016 to learn from top practitioners, take part in hands-on labs, engage with Docker ecosystem innovators and meet others in the Docker Community. We realize that attendees were bummed when we didn’t announce an in-person hackathon but we have been working hard to remedy this by organizing an online hackathon for participants to hack on the newest features and products coming out of DockerCon!

Victor Coisne

Update: Raspberry Pi DockerCon Challenge

In the DockerCon closing keynote Dieter Reuter from Hypriot presented a demo running 500 Docker containers on a Raspberry Pi 2 device. Convinced that this number of containers could be at least doubled, Dieter then challenged the Docker community to beat his personal record. As of now, the current record stands at 2334 web servers running in containers on a single Raspberry Pi 2. You can see the original demo here: [youtube:””]

Steven Chen

5 Reasons Why You Should Participate in Docker Global Hack Day #3

Docker Global Hack Day #3 is just around the corner! Hacking starts on Wednesday, September 16th and runs through Monday, September 21st. Check out the list of local meetups holding events. If you don’t see one in your neck of the woods, join us online! There are plenty of reasons why you should join, but below are the Docker team’s top 5 reasons why you should participate in Docker Global Hack Day!