John Mulhausen

Announcing the new Docs Repo on GitHub!

The documentation team at Docker is excited to announce that we are consolidating all of our documentation into a single GitHub Pages-based repository on GitHub. When is this happening? The new repo is public now at During the week of Monday, September 26th, any existing docs PRs need to be migrated over or merged. We’ll do one last “pull” from the various docs repos on Wednesday, September 28th, at which time the docs/ folders in the various repos will be emptied. Between the 28th and full cutover, the docs team will be testing the new repo and making sure all is well across every page. Full cutover (production is drawing from the new repo, new docs work is pointed at the new repo, dissolution of old docs/ folders) is complete on Monday, October 3rd. The problem with the status Continue reading…

Arnaud Porterie

Open Source at Docker, Part 2: The Processes

The Docker open source project is among the most successful in recent history by every possible metric: number of contributors, GitHub stars, commit frequency, … Managing an open source project at that scale and preserving a healthy community doesn’t come without challenges. This post is the second of a 3-part series on how we deal with those challenges on the Docker Engine project. Part 1 was about the people, part 2 covers the processes.

10K stars on Github – Thank you!

Today, almost one year after officially launching Docker on Hacker News, we just passed the 10,000 stars mark on GitHub, making Docker the 44th most starred project on GitHub. This is a very special achievement for us, and we wanted to take this opportunity to say Thank You. Thank you to our incredible community, to all the Docker meetups organizers around the world, to our great partners, to all the hackers and early adopters who supported us from the very beginning, and to the 346 contributors: you made all of this possible. It’s been an incredible adventure so far, and we’re excited for the road ahead.