Jenny Fong

Secure Multi-Tenancy at Scale with Docker Enterprise Edition

With the latest release of Docker Enterprise Edition (EE), enterprise organizations are able to extend the benefits of containers across their entire application portfolio. Docker EE enables rapid modernization of traditional Windows and Linux applications as well as Linux applications running on IBM Z mainframes. By addressing all of these applications, Docker EE provides the opportunity to standardize around a common packaging format for greater portability, agility, and with an additional layer of security, resulting in more teams bringing their workloads into Docker EE. The key to operating this diverse environment is to have a way to secure and isolate the applications and the multiple teams who build, ship, and deploy them. This release of Docker Enterprise Edition makes it possible for organizations to modernize traditional applications of every variety and to do so in a secure manner that aligns Continue reading…

Solomon Hykes

Docker 0.5.0: external volumes, advanced networking, self hosted registry

Introducing Docker 0.5.0 Dear Dockers, Today we are happy to introduce a new release of Docker. In addition to numerous stability and usability fixes, this release adds support for external volumes, advanced networking options, a vastly improved self-hosted registry, and dozens of other improvements.