Michael Crosby

Introducing the Dockerfile tutorial

Dockerfiles can be viewed as an image representation. They provide a simple syntax for building images and they are a great way to automate and script the images creation. If you are really serious about Docker, you should master the Dockerfile syntax. To help you learn the Dockerfile syntax, we did put together a very easy to follow tutorial. In the next couple of months we will release several levels, one  at a time, so you could master the Dockerfile syntax quickly, instruction by instruction. At the end of each level you will find tests to check your knowledge. Ready? Start  Level 0

Solomon Hykes

Announcing Docker 0.6

Events API, build and registry improvements, expert mode, security updates, and more. Notice: If you are currently using the Ubuntu PPA to install docker you will need to modify your APT sources in order to upgrade to docker 0.6.0.  Please visit http://docs.docker.io/en/latest/installation/ubuntulinux/  for the new repository information. Dear Dockers, Wow, we have quite a release for you today. Since the last release just one month ago, the project has received 378 commits by 40 different contributors! In addition to boatloads of usability improvements and bugfixes, 0.6 introduces a websockets events api, upgrades to the Dockerfile syntax, a major improvement of the registry download and upload protocol, tighter security and access control, an “expert mode” for advanced usage scenarios, and much more. You can see the full changelog here. We hope you like it. Solomon & the Docker team