John Willis

Dockercast Interview: Docker Captain Stefan Scherer on Microsoft and Docker

In this podcast we chat with Docker Captain and newly minted Microsoft MVP Stefan Scherer. Stefan has done some fantastic work with Docker for Windows and Microservices. We also talk about how lift and shift models work really well for Docker and Windows and Stefan walks us through some of the basics of running Docker on Windows. In addition to the podcast, below is his interview on why being a Captain allows him to give back to the awesome Docker community. Dockercast with Stephen Scherer Interview with Stefan Scherer How has Docker impacted what you do on a daily basis? Docker helps me to keep my machines clean. I realize more and more that you only need a few tools on your laptop, keeping it clean and lean. And instead of writing documentation on how to build a piece of software, describe all Continue reading…

John Willis

New Dockercast episode and interview with Docker Captain Laura Frank

We recently had the opportunity to catch up with the amazing Laura Frank. Laura is a developer focused on making tools for other developers.As an engineer at Codeship, she works on improving the Docker infrastructure and overall experience for users on Codeship. Previously, she worked on several open source projects to support Docker in the early stages of the project, including Panamax and ImageLayers. She currently lives in Berlin. Laura is also a Docker Captain, a distinction that Docker awards select members of the community that are experts in their field and passionate about sharing their Docker knowledge with others. As we do with all of these podcasts, we begin with a little bit of history of “How did you get here?” Then we dive into the Codeship offering and how it optimizes its delivery flow by using Docker containers Continue reading…

John Willis

New Dockercast episode with Mano Marks from Docker

In case you missed it, we launched Dockercast, the official Docker Podcast last month including all the DockerCon 2016 sessions available as podcast episodes. In this podcast, we meet Mano Marks, Director of Developer Relations at Docker.  Mano catches us up on a lot of the new cool things that are going on with Docker.  We get into the new Docker 1.12 engine/swarm built-in orchestration. We also talk about some cool stuff that is happening with Docker and Windows as well as Raspberry Pi and Docker. You can find the latest #Dockercast episodes on the Itunes Store or via the SoundCloud RSS feed.     New #dockercast episode w/ host @botchagalupe & our very own @manomarks as a guest! Click To Tweet

John Willis

New Dockercast Episode with Docker Captain, Nirmal Mehta

In case you missed it, we recently launched Dockercast, the official Docker Podcast including all the DockerCon 2016 sessions available as podcast episodes. In this podcast I catch up with Nirmal Mehta at Booz Allen Hamilton.  Nirmal has been a big part of the Docker community and is also a Docker Captain. Nirmal works with some large government organizations and we discussed why these types of institutions seemed to be early adopters of Docker.  As most would answer, speed was an obvious driver, however, we discuss that security was also an early driver.  Turns out due to tighter boundaries of Docker containers some of these organizations felt that the potential security opportunities stretched better than virtualization.  We discuss these ideas as well as what is it like to be a Docker Captain.     You can find the latest #Dockercast episodes on the Itunes Store or Continue reading…

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John Willis

New Dockercast episode with Avi Cavale from Shippable

In case you missed it, we launched Dockercast, the official Docker Podcast earlier this month including all the DockerCon 2016 sessions available as podcast episodes. In this podcast episode, we catch up with Avi Cavale the Co-founder & CEO at Shippable. We start off with a conversation where I ask him why he thinks there has been such an explosion of Docker adoption.  This leads us into the the ideas behind immutable infrastructure and immutable delivery models. Avi discusses how Shippable has focused on making the delivery pipeline easier for developers. We also discuss some anti-patterns he calls Frankenstein Continuous Integration (CI) where, although Jenkins is awesome, the glue to put a robust CI system together can be reasonably complex. What Shippable tried to do is abstract away some of those complexities for developers.  We end up talking about different Docker patterns Shippable Continue reading…

Cari Scardina

Weekly Roundup: Top 5 Docker articles of the week

  This week, we announced the launch of the Docker Scholarship program, got to know our featured Docker Captains, and aired the first #Dockercast episode. As we begin a new week, let’s recap our top 5 most-read stories for the week of August 14, 2016:   Docker Scholarship Program: Docker announced the launch of a new scholarship program, in partnership with Reactor Core, a network of coding schools. The application period is open and interested applicants can apply here. Docker Captains: meet and greet with our three selected August Captains. Learn how they got started, what they love most about Docker, and why Docker. Dockercast Episode 1: this podcast guest stars Ilan Rabinovitch the Director of Technical Community at Datadog and discusses Monitoring-as-a-Service, Docker metadata and Docker container monitoring information. Docker on Raspberry Pi: an informative guide to getting started Continue reading…